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Lesson 1 (from The History of Them All: Chapter 1-9)


The History of Them All: Chapter 1-9

At the beginning of the book, our narrator is tormented by the death of his two lovers, Edith and F. This lesson will analyze the deaths of Edith and F. and the importance of these two losses, in regard to the narrator.


1) Group Discussion:

Have the class split into groups and discuss the way Edith and F. die. Are both deaths somewhat humiliating and dehumanizing? Why or why not? Why are these two individuals important to the narrator?

2)Class Debate:

Have the class split into two groups and have one side argue that Edith's death was the more devastating loss and the other half argue that F.'s loss was more devastating to the narrator.

3) Writing Assignment:

Using the information discussed in class, write a short analysis of the two relationships that the narrator has with Edith and...

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