Beautiful Disaster: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

Jamie McGuire
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1. What fight are the protagonist and her best friend attending in the opening of Chapter 1? How did they come to know about the event?

Abby Abernathy and America Mason go to a fight at a basement at Eastern University. America is dating Shepley, whose friend, Adam, is the emcee for the event. Shepley's older cousin, Travis Maddox, is his fight partner. Travis is taking on star varsity wrestler Marek Young.

2. Who wins the fight in Chapter 1? What happens to Abby’s sweater at the fight?

Travis easily takes out Marek, and blood sprays on Abby's pink cardigan. Travis is regretful about the blood on Abby's cardigan. Abby and America go back to Abby's dorm room, where Abby's roommate, Kara, is repulsed by the bloodied sweater.

3. How does Abby meet Travis Maddox in Chapter 1? How would you describe their meeting?

After the fight, Travis introduces himself to Abby, and calls her "Pigeon." He invites Abby over to his apartment that night, and after he leaves, Shepley tells Abby to be careful with his cousin, because his cousin's love life is crazy. Their meeting shows the chemistry they feel for one another.

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