Objects & Places from Beautiful Disaster: A Novel

Jamie McGuire
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Eastern University

This college campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the main setting for the novel. It is where Abby, America, Travis, and Shepley attend school.

Wichita, Kansas

This is the hometown of the character named America, and the town in which Abby spent most of her teenage years.

Morgan Hall

This is the name of the dormitory where Abby, her roommate Kara, and America live.

Travis and Shepley's Apartment

This is the setting where Abby and America stay for much of their time at college. They first stay here when the hot water goes out at their dorm.

The Cafeteria

This is the setting where Abby, Travis, Shepley, and America eat food and hang out between classes. It is also where Travis beats up Chris Jenks for making sexual jokes about Abby.


These items are purchased and kept by Travis for his sexual exploits throughout the novel...

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