Beautiful Disaster: A Novel Character Descriptions

Jamie McGuire
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Abigail Abernathy

This is the main character, principal protagonist, and narrator of Beautiful Disaster. Turning 19 during the course of the novel, she attends Eastern University with her best friend.

Travis Maddox

This character in the novel is a student at Eastern University who is lean, muscular, and covered with tattoos. He is incredibly insecure, jealous, and tends toward violence quickly. He is a member of an underground fighting club and is undefeated.

America Mason

This character is the protagonist’s best friend. She has come to Eastern University with her friend to attend school so that the protagonist will not have to be alone as she attempts to leave her past behind.


This character is the boyfriend of the protagonist’s best friend and cousin to the protagonist’s love interest in the novel.

Jim Maddox

This character is a recovering alcoholic who has a love and...

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