Objects & Places from Beautiful Creatures

Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
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This term in the novel refers to an individual who is capable of creating spells.

Gatlin, South Carolina

This is the town where the narrator lives.

Ravenwood Manor

This magical estate is where Macon and Lena live in the novel.

Boo Radley

This is the name of the large wolf/dog owned by Macon.


This magical room at the estate where Macon and Lena lives prepares meals at the whim of anyone in the room.

The Caster Library

This building located under the DAR building is filled with books for Casters.

The Claiming

This term refers to the moment when a Caster becomes Light or Dark at midnight on their sixteenth birthday.

Holy Rollers

This is the name of Link’s band in the novel.

The Book of Moons

This is the name of the literary work that Ethan and Lena read in hopes that they...

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