Beautiful Creatures Character Descriptions

Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
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Lena Duchannes

This 15-year-old character in the novel is a member of a family of Casters and is facing her 16th birthday and the possibility that she will be claimed as a dark Caster. She wants more than anything else to simply be a normal girl living the life of a normal teenager.

Ethan Wate

This character is a teenage boy and the narrator of the novel. He attends high school in Gatlin.


This character is the housekeeper and caregiver in the narrator’s home. She is also a Seer and knows about the magical side of the town.

Wesley Lincoln

Known as "Link," this character is the narrator’s best friend. He is a loyal teenager with dreams of falling in love with a beautiful girl and of becoming a member of a famous band.

Macon Ravenwood

This character is the uncle and guardian of a...

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