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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hornblower announce to the Spanish politicians after he admits fomenting revolution and delivering Natividad to El Supremo?

2. What could Lydia not hope to survive in her present condition?

3. What was El Supremo dressed in when presented to Hornblower aboard the Spanish lugger?

4. What did Lady Barbara say they needed in the cockpit?

5. When the wind dies, how does Lydia approach Natividad to resume battle?

Short Essay Questions

1. Upon sighting Natividad, both ships shortening sail due to foul weather, what does Hornblower do unexpectedly when the two shipd are on a collision course?

2. What is Hornblower's reaction at seeing El Supremo in chains on the Spanish lugger?

3. What did Hornblower have to confess to the Spaniards?

4. What problem does Lydia have as it weighs anchor after Hornblower's visit with the Viceroy at Panama?

5. What is Hornblower supposed to do before dealing with Natividad?

6. What is Hornblower forced to due in order to close in on Natividad when there is no wind for the sails?

7. What is Hornblower instructed to do by the Spanish officers who boarded Lydia?

8. How do you suppose Lydia wins the battle against Natividad , which is a much larger ship with more guns?

9. After being refused safe harbor at Panama, what does Hornblower do?

10. Why does Hornblower allow Lady Barbara to seek passage on Lydia, though he dislikes her and feels Lydia is no place for a woman?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

1) Describe how the Spanish lugger's officers board the Lydia disclosing that Spain is now the ally of England.

2) What did Napoleon do that angered the Spaniards so much that they no longer sided with France but became the allies of England?

3) What is the reaction of the Spaniards to Hornblower's confession that he captured the Natividad and turned it over to El Supremo?

4) Choose one of the three topics to write on.

Essay Topic 2

1) Why does a Spanish lugger once more approach the Lydia as it proceeds to sail homeward after its repairs are complete?

2) What is the surprise the Spaniards want to show Hornblower on their ship? Are you revolted with what they have done, as Hornblower is? Describe what Hornblower sees aboard their lugger.

3) Explain why you think what Hornblower sees aboard the Spanish ship haunts and depresses him when he returns to the Lydia and sails homeward.

4) Choose one of the three topics to write on.

Essay Topic 3

1) Describe the ship Natividad. List the advantages it would have in a naval battle. Include the crew in your description.

2) Describe the Lydia. What advantages would it have in a naval battle? Include the crew in your description.

3) Describe the first encounter between the Natividad and the Lydia. What is the strategy Hornblower uses? What is the outcome of the battle?

4) Choose one the three topics to write on.

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