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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Lady Barbara say they needed in the cockpit?
(a) sterilized surgical instruments
(b) warm food for the wounded
(c) prayer
(d) fresh air

2. When Hornblower sights Natividad in the heavy weather, where does he send Wellesley for safety?
(a) below to the cable tier
(b) to the cockpit
(c) to the surgeon's cabin
(d) to Lieutenant Bush's cabin

3. What was the chief fear Hornblower had going into battle?
(a) mutilation
(b) dying
(c) never being able to return home
(d) losing the respect of his officers

4. What did Hornblower tell the Spanish officer who boarded Lydia when Lydia was headed for Panama?
(a) that he had sunk Natividad
(b) that he had lost one-third of his crew
(c) that he was headed for the Pearl Islands
(d) that he was returning to England

5. What does Hornblower inform Lady Barbara about her brother, Arthur?
(a) that he has married back in England
(b) that he has gained a single military victory in the war
(c) that he was captured by the French
(d) that he has come down with yellow fever

Short Answer Questions

1. Describe the Viceroy at Panama.

2. Where could Hornblower replenish his supplies on the voyage home to England?

3. What operation do Hornblower, Laurie and Lady Barbara have to perform on Williams?

4. How is Lydia damaged during the fierce sea battle with Natividad?

5. What does Hornblower order the surgeon to give to the wounded men?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Hornblower forced to due in order to close in on Natividad when there is no wind for the sails?

2. What is Hornblower's reaction at seeing El Supremo in chains on the Spanish lugger?

3. After having left Natividad in the hands of El Supremo's crew and proceeding toward the pearl islands what surprise was in store for Hornblower?

4. Describe the condition of the crew of Lydia after the sea battle with Natividad?

5. How do you suppose Lydia wins the battle against Natividad , which is a much larger ship with more guns?

6. After a fierce sea battle , both ships severely damaged, what does Hornblower do?

7. What does El Supremo hope to do with Natividad?

8. What problem does Lydia have as it weighs anchor after Hornblower's visit with the Viceroy at Panama?

9. What is Hornblower supposed to do before dealing with Natividad?

10. What did Hornblower have to confess to the Spaniards?

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