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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many casualties did Lydia suffer in the battle with Natividad?
(a) more than one third of her crew
(b) approximately one-quarter of her crew
(c) approximately one half of her crew
(d) 45 seamen

2. What does Hornblower announce to the Spanish politicians after he admits fomenting revolution and delivering Natividad to El Supremo?
(a) that he continue fomenting revolution against Spain
(b) he will call on the Spanish governor at Panama and seek to destroy or capture Natividad
(c) that he will sail immediately for England
(d) admits he was foolish in siding with such a madman as El Supremo under any circumstance

3. What was the reaction of the Spanish officer who came aboard the Lydia?
(a) curiosity and admiration
(b) pride and intolerance
(c) anger and impatience
(d) fear and cowardice

4. Where does Lady Barbara take up residence aboard Lydia, displacing the person who resided there before?
(a) in surgeon, Laurie's cabin
(b) in Polwheal, Hornblower's steward's cabin
(c) In 1st Lieutenant Bush's cabin
(d) in Captain Hornblower's cabin

5. What difficulty does Hornblower encounter after his visit with the Viceroy and his return to Lydia?
(a) Lady Barbara hung her underwear on deck to dry
(b) His men became drunk during his absence
(c) The anchor is heavily fouled.
(d) He finds out Hebe, Lady Barbara's maid, is a prostitute

Short Answer Questions

1. When Galbraith was dying, who did he think Lady Barbara was?

2. What did Lady Barbara say they needed in the cockpit?

3. What did Hornblower compare the cockpit to?

4. When Hornblower sights Natividad in the heavy weather, where does he send Wellesley for safety?

5. What was the chief fear Hornblower had going into battle?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Hornblower decked out in when he goes ashore at Panama?

2. What problem does Lydia have as it weighs anchor after Hornblower's visit with the Viceroy at Panama?

3. Describe what Lady Barbara does in the cockpit.

4. What does El Supremo hope to do with Natividad?

5. After having left Natividad in the hands of El Supremo's crew and proceeding toward the pearl islands what surprise was in store for Hornblower?

6. What is Hornblower forced to due in order to close in on Natividad when there is no wind for the sails?

7. What is Lady Barbara wearing when she boards Lydia?

8. Describe the condition of the crew of Lydia after the sea battle with Natividad?

9. How do you suppose Lydia wins the battle against Natividad , which is a much larger ship with more guns?

10. Describe Lady Barbara Wellesley's physical appearance?

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