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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was time of utmost importance in repairing Lydia to sail home?
(a) Hornblower had to prepare his ship for sailing before being discovered by the Spaniards
(b) the heavy rains were due and would hinder repairs
(c) Hornblower was falling in love with Lady Barbara and wanted to get home to his wife
(d) Hornblower's crew were impatient to sail home to England

2. What was irksome to the Spanish officer after he had denied Lydia's dropping anchor on the Spanish Main?
(a) Hornblower's putting down Spanish America
(b) Hornblower's friendly, cavalier dismissal
(c) Hornblower's downcast countenance
(d) Hornblower's nasty words

3. During the repairs on the ship what is Hornblower's main concern?
(a) preparing for renewed battle with Natividad
(b) accounting for all the cannons
(c) the repairs to the cabin
(d) the lifting of the heavy spar that will serve as the jury mizzen

4. Where has Lady Barbara been moved to?
(a) the orlop deck
(b) Hornblower's cabin again
(c) Bush's cabin
(d) Gerard's cabin

5. How many casualties did Lydia suffer in the battle with Natividad?
(a) approximately one-quarter of her crew
(b) approximately one half of her crew
(c) 45 seamen
(d) more than one third of her crew

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Bush injured during the battle with Natividad?

2. What does Lydia sight after a few days ?

3. When Lydia and Natividad steer a collision course, what does Hornblower do unexpectedly?

4. What does Captain Hornblower do on the same day Lady Barbara invited him to breakfast?

5. Who accompanies Lady Barbara ?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Hornblower's reaction at seeing El Supremo in chains on the Spanish lugger?

2. Who seeks passage aboard Lydia and why?

3. After a fierce sea battle , both ships severely damaged, what does Hornblower do?

4. Why does Hornblower allow Lady Barbara to seek passage on Lydia, though he dislikes her and feels Lydia is no place for a woman?

5. Describe the condition of the crew of Lydia after the sea battle with Natividad?

6. Describe what Lady Barbara does in the cockpit.

7. What did Hornblower have to confess to the Spaniards?

8. What is Hornblower supposed to do before dealing with Natividad?

9. After having left Natividad in the hands of El Supremo's crew and proceeding toward the pearl islands what surprise was in store for Hornblower?

10. How do you suppose Lydia wins the battle against Natividad , which is a much larger ship with more guns?

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