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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How far above the deck is the foremast gallant top?
(a) 125' above the deck.
(b) 140' above the deck.
(c) 130' above the deck.
(d) 40' above the deck.

2. What does Hornblower see on his way to the palace?
(a) a native wedding procession
(b) a herd of wild boar
(c) dead and near-dead men shackled in the sun
(d) strange exotic foliage

3. What made the whole crew of Lydia spring into action on approaching Natividad?
(a) Hornblower's beat to quarters
(b) a man on the foremast calling the order
(c) Hornblower blowing his silver whistle
(d) fear

4. How is Lydia successful in taking Natividad?
(a) by using her cannonades
(b) by hiding behind an island and taking Natividad by surprise
(c) by superior crew skills
(d) by Hornblower's talent as a captain

5. How many guns does Natividad have on board?
(a) 50
(b) 36
(c) 40
(d) 46

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Hornblower do upon sighting land?

2. How many British casualties are there during the capturing of Natividad?

3. A how-many-gun salute does El Supremo demand he have on boarding Lydia?

4. Why does Hornblower have the Spanish officers from Natividad shackled below on Lydia?

5. With whom should Hornblower open communication to receive further orders as soon as it was convenient?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Lydia, the ship Hornblower was a captain of.

2. Hornblower is not close to any of the crew under him and neither is El Supremo close to his men. What are some of the differences between Hornblower's relationship with his men and the behavior El Supremo exhbits toward his men?

3. What does El Supremo demand upon boarding Natividad and why is it meaningless?

4. Describe Alvarado whom Hornblower was ordered to help in a rebellion against Spain?

5. Describe Captain Hornblower's appearance?

6. What is the strategy Hornblower devises to capture Natividad, though it is larger and has more guns than the Lydia has?

7. What is the stragegy that El Supremo lays out to Hornblower about conquest?

8. What was Captain Hornblower ordered to do by the British admiralty?

9. What was weighing heavily on Captain Hornblower's mind after 7 months at sea?

10. Describe the incident which took place in the village near where Lydia was anchored?

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