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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did C.S. Forester compare the crew to now that they knew they were homeward bound?
(a) homing pigeons
(b) faithful dogs eager to see their masters
(c) horses headed for the stable
(d) a crew of chattering, playing monkeys

2. How long ago had Hornblower filled his storerooms and water barrels?
(a) six weeks ago
(b) a fortnight ago
(c) seven weeks ago
(d) a month ago

3. What had Hornblower remembered to do for his crew before sending them into action?
(a) send them to breakfast to have full bellies going into action
(b) gave them a talk on loyalty to the Crown
(c) remind them they had had seven months of heavy drilling
(d) thank them for their loyal service

4. During the repairs on the ship what is Hornblower's main concern?
(a) preparing for renewed battle with Natividad
(b) accounting for all the cannons
(c) the repairs to the cabin
(d) the lifting of the heavy spar that will serve as the jury mizzen

5. What difficulty does Hornblower encounter after his visit with the Viceroy and his return to Lydia?
(a) The anchor is heavily fouled.
(b) Lady Barbara hung her underwear on deck to dry
(c) He finds out Hebe, Lady Barbara's maid, is a prostitute
(d) His men became drunk during his absence

6. What does Captain Hornblower do on the same day Lady Barbara invited him to breakfast?
(a) He goes to bed early , exhausted by his encounter with Lady Barbara
(b) He invites Lady Barbara and some officers to dinner and cards
(c) He writes a long thank-you letter to Lady Barbara
(d) He takes a small boat to shore to investigate the terrain

7. What did Hornblower compare the cockpit to?
(a) an orderly hospital room
(b) some canto in the Inferno
(c) the inside of a dark cave
(d) his sickroom as a child

8. How is Bush injured during the battle with Natividad?
(a) his forehead is cut by a falling block
(b) both his legs are smashed below the knees
(c) his eye is put out by a flying splinter
(d) one of his arms is blown off

9. Where did Hornblower take Lydia to be repaired?
(a) a hidden cove of Panama
(b) the isle of Coiba
(c) the isle of Canabra
(d) the isle of Rosita

10. What could Lydia not hope to survive in her present condition?
(a) another seven months at sea
(b) another sea battle
(c) an attack by pirates
(d) the storms of Cape Horn

11. Although Hornblower is reluctant to take Lady Barbara aboard Lydia, and instantly dislikes her, why does he agree to let her seek passage home aboard his ship?
(a) He is attracted to her physically though he dislikes her
(b) He thinks the ship needs a woman's touch
(c) He has pity on her because of the plague in Panama
(d) He fears insulting a British aristocrat would end his career

12. What is secured on the deck of Lydia after the sea battle with Natividad?
(a) a loose cannon
(b) the mizzenmast
(c) the foremast
(d) the ship's wheel

13. What was the reaction of the Spanish officer who came aboard the Lydia?
(a) anger and impatience
(b) curiosity and admiration
(c) pride and intolerance
(d) fear and cowardice

14. What operation do Hornblower, Laurie and Lady Barbara have to perform on Williams?
(a) amputate his arm
(b) remove a splinter from his arm
(c) remove a splinter from his chest
(d) amputate his leg

15. What other communique was handed to Hornblower by the Spaniards who boarded Lydia?
(a) a letter with detailed plans on how to recapture Natividad
(b) a dinner invitation to come ashore and dine with Spanish officials
(c) a letter from Lady Barbara requesting return passage to England.
(d) a letter condemning Hornblower for handing Natividad to El Supremo

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the cockpit?

2. What did Hornblower tell the Spanish officer who boarded Lydia when Lydia was headed for Panama?

3. What does Hornblower learn from the communiques handed him by the men who come aboard?

4. Why was it so hot in the little bay where Lydia dropped anchor?

5. When Galbraith was dying, who did he think Lady Barbara was?

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