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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the repairs on the ship what is Hornblower's main concern?
(a) accounting for all the cannons
(b) the repairs to the cabin
(c) preparing for renewed battle with Natividad
(d) the lifting of the heavy spar that will serve as the jury mizzen

2. What habit had Lady Barbara acquired in her forced loneliness?
(a) firting with the crew
(b) confiding in Hebe, her maid
(c) talking with herself
(d) writing long letters to England , though they couldn't be sent

3. What was the indication that Lydia could only just hold in check the water coming aboard through the holes shot in her hull?
(a) the ship sat lower in the water
(b) the men were tired of manning the pumps
(c) clear white water gushed from the pumps
(d) there was water on deck

4. What is Hornblower's destination after leaving El Supremo and his rag tag army in Nicaragua?
(a) England
(b) Ecuador
(c) the pearl centers of Central America
(d) Cape Horn

5. What was irksome to the Spanish officer after he had denied Lydia's dropping anchor on the Spanish Main?
(a) Hornblower's downcast countenance
(b) Hornblower's putting down Spanish America
(c) Hornblower's nasty words
(d) Hornblower's friendly, cavalier dismissal

6. What is Hornblower ordered to do by the Spanish emmissaries?
(a) to accompany them to Panama for further orders
(b) to return to England at the first opportunity
(c) to enjoy his quest for prize ships
(d) to desist in helping El Supremo and to suppress rebellion

7. What does Hornblower order the surgeon to give to the wounded men?
(a) morphine
(b) tea and scones
(c) whiskey and bread
(d) laudanum and rum

8. What did the letter the Spaniard handed Hornblower contain?
(a) a congratualtion on Hornblower's success in sinking Natividad
(b) an invitation to drop anchor in Panama for repairs
(c) an invitation to a celebratory dinner ashore
(d) a formal prohibition for the Lydia to drop anchor in any port in Spanish America

9. Although Hornblower is reluctant to take Lady Barbara aboard Lydia, and instantly dislikes her, why does he agree to let her seek passage home aboard his ship?
(a) He has pity on her because of the plague in Panama
(b) He thinks the ship needs a woman's touch
(c) He is attracted to her physically though he dislikes her
(d) He fears insulting a British aristocrat would end his career

10. Where does Lady Barbara take up residence aboard Lydia, displacing the person who resided there before?
(a) in Captain Hornblower's cabin
(b) In 1st Lieutenant Bush's cabin
(c) in Polwheal, Hornblower's steward's cabin
(d) in surgeon, Laurie's cabin

11. How is Lydia damaged during the fierce sea battle with Natividad?
(a) the steering wheel is blown away by a cannon
(b) Her mizzenmast is gone taking the top gallant mast with it while she drags wreckage alongside
(c) Lydia is totally dismasted, unable to be repaired
(d) Her foremast is dismasted and her carronades are damaged

12. What was the chief fear Hornblower had going into battle?
(a) dying
(b) losing the respect of his officers
(c) mutilation
(d) never being able to return home

13. When Lydia and Natividad steer a collision course, what does Hornblower do unexpectedly?
(a) veers to leeward, yielding the weather gauge
(b) retreats to a safe distance away to plan his next move
(c) calls his officers together to confer on what's best to do
(d) raises a white flag of truce

14. What was the reaction of the Spanish officer who came aboard the Lydia?
(a) pride and intolerance
(b) curiosity and admiration
(c) anger and impatience
(d) fear and cowardice

15. When Galbraith was dying, who did he think Lady Barbara was?
(a) his wife
(b) his mother
(c) his sister
(d) an angel

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hornblower announce to the Spanish politicians after he admits fomenting revolution and delivering Natividad to El Supremo?

2. Describe the Viceroy at Panama.

3. How long ago had Hornblower filled his storerooms and water barrels?

4. What did Hornblower tell the Spanish officer who boarded Lydia when Lydia was headed for Panama?

5. Who died after having both legs smashed below the knees?

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