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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What habit had Lady Barbara acquired in her forced loneliness?
(a) talking with herself
(b) firting with the crew
(c) confiding in Hebe, her maid
(d) writing long letters to England , though they couldn't be sent

2. What did Hornblower compare the cockpit to?
(a) his sickroom as a child
(b) an orderly hospital room
(c) the inside of a dark cave
(d) some canto in the Inferno

3. What did Hornblower tell the Spanish officer who boarded Lydia when Lydia was headed for Panama?
(a) that he had sunk Natividad
(b) that he had lost one-third of his crew
(c) that he was returning to England
(d) that he was headed for the Pearl Islands

4. Before Lydia could be beached for the carpenters to work on her bottom what had to be done?
(a) Lydia must be lightened
(b) the crew had to be well-fed
(c) different crewmen had to be assigned to the various repair jobs
(d) the depth of the water had to be tested

5. What is the fate of Natividad?
(a) she goes up in flames, the sea swallowing her up
(b) she escapes into the night
(c) she is captured by Lydia
(d) she returns to El Supremo

6. How long ago had Hornblower filled his storerooms and water barrels?
(a) seven weeks ago
(b) a fortnight ago
(c) a month ago
(d) six weeks ago

7. During the repairs on the ship what is Hornblower's main concern?
(a) the lifting of the heavy spar that will serve as the jury mizzen
(b) accounting for all the cannons
(c) the repairs to the cabin
(d) preparing for renewed battle with Natividad

8. What does Hornblower inform Lady Barbara about her brother, Arthur?
(a) that he was captured by the French
(b) that he has gained a single military victory in the war
(c) that he has married back in England
(d) that he has come down with yellow fever

9. Who was Howell?
(a) the ship's carpenter
(b) the surgeon
(c) Hornblower's steward
(d) one of the warrant officers

10. When Galbraith was dying, who did he think Lady Barbara was?
(a) his wife
(b) an angel
(c) his mother
(d) his sister

11. When the wind dies, how does Lydia approach Natividad to resume battle?
(a) two of her boats tow her
(b) she waits for Natividad to approach her
(c) she waits for the wind to rise
(d) she wets her sails

12. What operation do Hornblower, Laurie and Lady Barbara have to perform on Williams?
(a) amputate his leg
(b) remove a splinter from his arm
(c) amputate his arm
(d) remove a splinter from his chest

13. What are manned continuously after Lydia is damaged in battle with Natividad?
(a) the watches over the wounded
(b) the chain pumps
(c) the carronnades
(d) the night watches

14. When Hornblower sights Natividad in the heavy weather, where does he send Wellesley for safety?
(a) to the cockpit
(b) to the surgeon's cabin
(c) to Lieutenant Bush's cabin
(d) below to the cable tier

15. What could Lydia not hope to survive in her present condition?
(a) an attack by pirates
(b) another sea battle
(c) another seven months at sea
(d) the storms of Cape Horn

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the grim nemesis awaiting men with open wounds in those pre-antiseptic days?

2. What did C.S. Forester compare the crew to now that they knew they were homeward bound?

3. Where could Hornblower replenish his supplies on the voyage home to England?

4. What shocked Hornblower about the way the Spaniards treated El Supremo?

5. What features of the landscape do they always see when sailing along the coast?

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