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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was irksome to the Spanish officer after he had denied Lydia's dropping anchor on the Spanish Main?
(a) Hornblower's friendly, cavalier dismissal
(b) Hornblower's downcast countenance
(c) Hornblower's putting down Spanish America
(d) Hornblower's nasty words

2. What other communique was handed to Hornblower by the Spaniards who boarded Lydia?
(a) a letter with detailed plans on how to recapture Natividad
(b) a letter from Lady Barbara requesting return passage to England.
(c) a letter condemning Hornblower for handing Natividad to El Supremo
(d) a dinner invitation to come ashore and dine with Spanish officials

3. Where has Lady Barbara been moved to?
(a) Gerard's cabin
(b) Hornblower's cabin again
(c) Bush's cabin
(d) the orlop deck

4. What was El Supremo dressed in when presented to Hornblower aboard the Spanish lugger?
(a) his finest regalia
(b) an old Spanish uniform
(c) he was naked
(d) dirty rags

5. How is Lydia damaged during the fierce sea battle with Natividad?
(a) Her foremast is dismasted and her carronades are damaged
(b) Lydia is totally dismasted, unable to be repaired
(c) the steering wheel is blown away by a cannon
(d) Her mizzenmast is gone taking the top gallant mast with it while she drags wreckage alongside

6. Who accompanies Lady Barbara ?
(a) Carmen, her South American girlfriend
(b) Herbert, her native servant
(c) Margaret, her sister
(d) Hebe, her lascivious handmaid

7. When Hornblower sights Natividad in the heavy weather, where does he send Wellesley for safety?
(a) to the surgeon's cabin
(b) to the cockpit
(c) below to the cable tier
(d) to Lieutenant Bush's cabin

8. What was the chief fear Hornblower had going into battle?
(a) mutilation
(b) never being able to return home
(c) dying
(d) losing the respect of his officers

9. What does Hornblower announce to the Spanish politicians after he admits fomenting revolution and delivering Natividad to El Supremo?
(a) that he continue fomenting revolution against Spain
(b) he will call on the Spanish governor at Panama and seek to destroy or capture Natividad
(c) admits he was foolish in siding with such a madman as El Supremo under any circumstance
(d) that he will sail immediately for England

10. What operation do Hornblower, Laurie and Lady Barbara have to perform on Williams?
(a) remove a splinter from his arm
(b) remove a splinter from his chest
(c) amputate his leg
(d) amputate his arm

11. What does Hornblower order the surgeon to give to the wounded men?
(a) whiskey and bread
(b) tea and scones
(c) laudanum and rum
(d) morphine

12. What did C.S. Forester compare the crew to now that they knew they were homeward bound?
(a) faithful dogs eager to see their masters
(b) horses headed for the stable
(c) homing pigeons
(d) a crew of chattering, playing monkeys

13. What is Hornblower's destination after leaving El Supremo and his rag tag army in Nicaragua?
(a) England
(b) Cape Horn
(c) Ecuador
(d) the pearl centers of Central America

14. Why was time of utmost importance in repairing Lydia to sail home?
(a) Hornblower's crew were impatient to sail home to England
(b) Hornblower was falling in love with Lady Barbara and wanted to get home to his wife
(c) the heavy rains were due and would hinder repairs
(d) Hornblower had to prepare his ship for sailing before being discovered by the Spaniards

15. What habit had Lady Barbara acquired in her forced loneliness?
(a) firting with the crew
(b) writing long letters to England , though they couldn't be sent
(c) talking with herself
(d) confiding in Hebe, her maid

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the letter the Spaniard handed Hornblower contain?

2. What is secured on the deck of Lydia after the sea battle with Natividad?

3. What shocked Hornblower about the way the Spaniards treated El Supremo?

4. Where does Lady Barbara take up residence aboard Lydia, displacing the person who resided there before?

5. Why was it so hot in the little bay where Lydia dropped anchor?

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