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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hornblower order the surgeon to give to the wounded men?
(a) laudanum and rum
(b) morphine
(c) whiskey and bread
(d) tea and scones

2. How many dead British seamen are collected and interred to the sea?
(a) 25
(b) 14
(c) 24
(d) 12

3. How long ago had Hornblower filled his storerooms and water barrels?
(a) a month ago
(b) six weeks ago
(c) seven weeks ago
(d) a fortnight ago

4. What does Captain Hornblower do on the same day Lady Barbara invited him to breakfast?
(a) He takes a small boat to shore to investigate the terrain
(b) He writes a long thank-you letter to Lady Barbara
(c) He goes to bed early , exhausted by his encounter with Lady Barbara
(d) He invites Lady Barbara and some officers to dinner and cards

5. What was the chief fear Hornblower had going into battle?
(a) losing the respect of his officers
(b) mutilation
(c) never being able to return home
(d) dying

6. Bush looked forward to what promotion because of his admirable actions on board Lydia?
(a) no promotion
(b) promotion to admiral
(c) promotion to Commander or the first lieutenant
(d) promotion to captain

7. What did C.S. Forester compare the crew to now that they knew they were homeward bound?
(a) horses headed for the stable
(b) faithful dogs eager to see their masters
(c) homing pigeons
(d) a crew of chattering, playing monkeys

8. Who was Howell?
(a) one of the warrant officers
(b) Hornblower's steward
(c) the ship's carpenter
(d) the surgeon

9. What does Lydia sight after a few days ?
(a) prize ships to capture
(b) an island
(c) a Spanish ship flying a flag of truce
(d) Natividad once more

10. What does Hornblower announce to the Spanish politicians after he admits fomenting revolution and delivering Natividad to El Supremo?
(a) he will call on the Spanish governor at Panama and seek to destroy or capture Natividad
(b) admits he was foolish in siding with such a madman as El Supremo under any circumstance
(c) that he will sail immediately for England
(d) that he continue fomenting revolution against Spain

11. What shocked Hornblower about the way the Spaniards treated El Supremo?
(a) that they spat on him
(b) that they didn't feed him
(c) they were going to hang him without his being able to make make peace with God
(d) that they laughed at him and he became their chief source of entertainment

12. Describe Lady Barbara.
(a) She is 27, tanned and from an influential English family
(b) She is a red-head with a fiery temper
(c) She is a delicate blond, not wanting to get her hands dirty or soil her clothes
(d) She is short, dark-haired , plump and fair with pink cheeks

13. What does Hornblower learn from the communiques handed him by the men who come aboard?
(a) Hornblower is under arrest for handing Natividad to El Supremo
(b) Hornblower is ordered to return to England
(c) Hornblower and his crew are invited to a dinner on shore
(d) Spain is now England's ally

14. When Galbraith was dying, who did he think Lady Barbara was?
(a) his mother
(b) his wife
(c) an angel
(d) his sister

15. What is Hornblower's destination after leaving El Supremo and his rag tag army in Nicaragua?
(a) England
(b) the pearl centers of Central America
(c) Ecuador
(d) Cape Horn

Short Answer Questions

1. Who accompanies Lady Barbara ?

2. How many casualties did Lydia suffer in the battle with Natividad?

3. What other communique was handed to Hornblower by the Spaniards who boarded Lydia?

4. What could Lydia not hope to survive in her present condition?

5. What are manned continuously after Lydia is damaged in battle with Natividad?

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