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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What difficulty does Hornblower encounter after his visit with the Viceroy and his return to Lydia?
(a) He finds out Hebe, Lady Barbara's maid, is a prostitute
(b) Lady Barbara hung her underwear on deck to dry
(c) The anchor is heavily fouled.
(d) His men became drunk during his absence

2. What does Lydia sight after a few days ?
(a) Natividad once more
(b) prize ships to capture
(c) a Spanish ship flying a flag of truce
(d) an island

3. During the repairs on the ship what is Hornblower's main concern?
(a) the repairs to the cabin
(b) preparing for renewed battle with Natividad
(c) accounting for all the cannons
(d) the lifting of the heavy spar that will serve as the jury mizzen

4. What is Hornblower ordered to do by the Spanish emmissaries?
(a) to return to England at the first opportunity
(b) to enjoy his quest for prize ships
(c) to accompany them to Panama for further orders
(d) to desist in helping El Supremo and to suppress rebellion

5. What did Hornblower compare the cockpit to?
(a) some canto in the Inferno
(b) an orderly hospital room
(c) the inside of a dark cave
(d) his sickroom as a child

6. What features of the landscape do they always see when sailing along the coast?
(a) volcanic peaks
(b) snow-peaked mountains
(c) pink sand beaches
(d) bananna trees

7. When the wind dies, how does Lydia approach Natividad to resume battle?
(a) she waits for the wind to rise
(b) she wets her sails
(c) two of her boats tow her
(d) she waits for Natividad to approach her

8. Who accompanies Lady Barbara ?
(a) Hebe, her lascivious handmaid
(b) Carmen, her South American girlfriend
(c) Margaret, her sister
(d) Herbert, her native servant

9. What habit had Lady Barbara acquired in her forced loneliness?
(a) talking with herself
(b) confiding in Hebe, her maid
(c) firting with the crew
(d) writing long letters to England , though they couldn't be sent

10. What does Hornblower order the surgeon to give to the wounded men?
(a) morphine
(b) tea and scones
(c) laudanum and rum
(d) whiskey and bread

11. How is Lydia damaged during the fierce sea battle with Natividad?
(a) Her mizzenmast is gone taking the top gallant mast with it while she drags wreckage alongside
(b) Lydia is totally dismasted, unable to be repaired
(c) Her foremast is dismasted and her carronades are damaged
(d) the steering wheel is blown away by a cannon

12. Although Hornblower is reluctant to take Lady Barbara aboard Lydia, and instantly dislikes her, why does he agree to let her seek passage home aboard his ship?
(a) He fears insulting a British aristocrat would end his career
(b) He has pity on her because of the plague in Panama
(c) He thinks the ship needs a woman's touch
(d) He is attracted to her physically though he dislikes her

13. Who is the captain of Natividad?
(a) Manuel Hernandez
(b) Cortez
(c) El Supremo
(d) Crespo

14. What did Hornblower order done when the crew became depressed and discouraged?
(a) ordered them to take a meal
(b) ordered the red-haired Sullivan to play the fiddle and the men to dance
(c) ordered them to sing sea shanties
(d) ordered them to pray

15. Describe the Viceroy at Panama.
(a) a burly man with a commanding presence
(b) a timid man, unready to commit forces to attack the rebellion
(c) a combative man eager to quell the rebellion-
(d) an engaging man, more social than military

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the reaction of the Spanish officer who came aboard the Lydia?

2. What did the letter the Spaniard handed Hornblower contain?

3. What did Hornblower tell the Spanish officer who boarded Lydia when Lydia was headed for Panama?

4. What could Lydia not hope to survive in her present condition?

5. When Galbraith was dying, who did he think Lady Barbara was?

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