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1. How did Horatio Hornblower prove himself a good captain during the section "The Prosperous Voyage"?

Hornblower was always concerned with the welfare of his crew above and beyond what his own personal feelings and inclinations were.

2. What was Captain Hornblower ordered to do by the British admiralty?

Hornblower was ordered to proceed to the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua and assist a local revolutionary to rebel against Spain in Central America.

3. Describe Lydia, the ship Hornblower was a captain of.

It was a 36-gun, single deck frigate on detached service.

4. Name three of the officers of H.M.S. Lydia and their ranks.

Three officers of Lydia were 1st Lieutenant Bush, 2nd Lieutenant Gerard and 3rd Lieutenant Galbraith.

5. Why do you think it was a wise decision of Hornblower not to get familiar with his lieutenants and to remain aloof and close-mouthed?

Hornblower's previous commands had suffered because of his over-familiarity with his lieutenants.

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