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H.M.S. Lydia

An English three-masted frigate with 36 guns.


A Spanish warship with fifty guns and two gun decks.

Nicaragua's Pacific Coast

The coast along which Lydia sails for most of the novel, characterized by stinking, smoking volcanoes.

Gulf of Fonseca

A large and important gulf on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua and the first landfall of Lydia after a seven-month voyage.


The largest island in Central America.

Cape Horn

The southernmost tip of the South American continent.

Futtock-Shrouds and the Lubber's Hole

The means by which the seamen reach the tops of the masts.


Large pieces of wood which would split away from the inner hull of the ship when the outer hull was struck by a cannonball.

The Weather Gauge

The favorable positioning of a sailing vessel relative to another vessel with respect to the wind.


Short-range cannons used by the...

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