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Lesson 1 (from The Prosperous Voyage)


The Prosperous Voyage

The objective of this lesson is to examine the character of the hero of the novel, captain Horatio Hornblower. In the first chapter of the first section of the book we get to know intimately the inner workings of Hornblower's mind. This is important basic information which will prove helpful to the class in understanding some of Hornblower's strange and unexpected behavior throughout the novel.


For Discussion: What are some of the things Hornblower does which exhibit his putting loyalty to the Admiralty and to his mission above his own tendencies? Why is he now aloof and close-mouthed when on former missions he was garrulous and friendly? Does it pertain to the orders he was given by the Admiralty? How does he show an understanding of the crew? What is his opinion of his own body and personal appearance?

For debate: Have...

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