Beat to Quarters Character Descriptions

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Horatio Hornblower

A post captain in the British Navy during the Napoleonic wars who commands H.M.S. Lydia, a 36-gun frigate.

William Bush

The experienced and capable 1st lieutenant of H.M.S, Lydia who is devoted to Hornblower.


The 3rd lieutenant of H.M.S. Lydia, whose legs are amputated and who dies at sea.


Hornblower's personal steward who looks out for Hornblower's personal comfort and offers slight comic relief.


The man shipped on Lydia as purser's steward who takes over as surgeon when Hankey, the ship's surgeon, dies.

Lady Barbara Wellesley

An aristocratic British woman who seeks passage home to England on the Lydia.

El Supremo (His Excellency Don Julian María de Jesús Alvar)

The man Hornblower is ordered to support who is insane and fancies himself as god.


A negro handmaid who is a loose woman and given...

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