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The Prosperous Voyage

• Captain Hornblower sails the English frigate H.M.S. Lydia on a detached voyage to the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua with the orders to enlist the help of Alvarado, a wealthy landowner, to foment a rebellion in Central America against Spain,

• Lydia has not touched land in seven months and is running out of supplies.
• Hornblower paces the deck for an hour every morning, intent on the safety of the crew and the success of his secret mission.

• Hornblower represses his former habit of being familiar with his crew and talkative. He acts nonchalant, aloof and unconcerned with conditions and situations on board which others would find distressing.
• As Hornblower had predicted, Lydia makes perfect landfall on the Gulf of Fonseca.
• Hornblower is conducted to the palace of Don Julian Alvarado , also known as El Supremo, a wealthy landowner, whom he is supposed to supply...

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