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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From whose perspective is the story told?
(a) Linda.
(b) Kyle.
(c) Omniscient narrator.
(d) Kendra

2. Who is Dr. Endecott?
(a) One of the first doctors Kyle sees.
(b) A well known doctor, and Kyle's last hope.
(c) A Voodoo priest.
(d) A witch doctor from South America.

3. How does Kyle's father react to these conditions and his son's threat?
(a) He is sad that he is not allowed to visit.
(b) He refuses to be manipulated.
(c) He agrees to all conditions.
(d) He is glad that he will be able to visit.

4. How does Dr. Endecott try to relate to Kyle?
(a) By talking about his bad acne.
(b) He doesn't.
(c) By telling Kyle the story of Beauty and the Beast.
(d) By admitting that he once was a beast as well.

5. Where does Kyle find Linda?
(a) In a slummy neighborhood.
(b) In the subway.
(c) At the theater.
(d) At the library.

6. How does Dr. Endecott treat Kyle?
(a) Like a poor animal.
(b) Like an abomination.
(c) Like a hideous beast.
(d) Like a normal person.

7. How does Sloane feel about Kyle's plan to embarrass Kendra?
(a) She likes it, but warns that he had better not try anything like that with her.
(b) She thinks it is a terrible thing to do and asks Kyle to apologize to Kendra.
(c) She breaks up with Kyle for being so mean.
(d) She doesn't like it, but is afraid to say anything about it.

8. Why does Kyle explode at the dance?
(a) He is mad that Trey is making moves on Sloane in front of the whole school.
(b) He is upset that Sloane is not following through with their arrangement to make out once they are crowned.
(c) He is upset about Kendra's words and annoyed that Sloane is making moves on him in front of the whole school.
(d) He is upset about Kendra's words and annoyed that Sloane is not being more helpful.

9. Why does Sloane agree to keep Kyle's secret?
(a) She doesn't think that anyone would believe her if she told.
(b) She still cares about Kyle and doesn't want to ruin him.
(c) She doesn't want to have to think about it anymore.
(d) She is worried that if word gets out that she kissed a beast, her reputation would be ruined.

10. Who is Rob Kingsbury?
(a) Kyle's teacher.
(b) Kyle's doctor.
(c) Kyle's father.
(d) Kyle's brother.

11. How does Kendra react to Kyle's news that he has been completely alone for months?
(a) She tells him that it is just what he deserved.
(b) She feels a little guilty, and agrees to try to help him find the girl to break his spell.
(c) She feels a little guilty, and agrees to remove the spell.
(d) She laughs at him.

12. Where does Kyle expect to see Linda?
(a) In a slummy neighborhood.
(b) At the theater.
(c) In the subway.
(d) At the library.

13. How does Kendra react to Kyle asking her out?
(a) She accepts, but seems to have an agenda of her own.
(b) She tells him that she knows what he is planning, and that it won't work.
(c) She accepts, and immediately seems to fall in love with him.
(d) She turns him down, calling him a sexist pig.

14. How does Kendra react to Kyle's mean joke?
(a) She attacks Kyle.
(b) She seems unfazed, and tells him that this will make her decision easier.
(c) She cries and runs away.
(d) She cries and screams at Kyle.

15. What is the result of Kendra's spell?
(a) Kyle is transformed into an Afghan Hound.
(b) Kyle is rendered blind.
(c) Kyle is transformed into a hideous beast with claws and fangs.
(d) Kyle is rendered mute.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kyle decide to do with Kendra's mirror?

2. Where does Kyle move to?

3. Why does Linda's dad abuse her?

4. What happens when Kyle and Sloane come back and find Kendra outside?

5. What did Kyle's father tell the tutor about Kyle?

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