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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Kyle's online user name?
(a) SuperSmexy.
(b) Beastly.
(c) King_Kyle.
(d) BeastNYC.

2. How does Kyle describe his new tutor when he finds out?
(a) Kinda geeky.
(b) Stupid.
(c) Fat.
(d) Pretty.

3. Who is Linda Owens?
(a) A girl from Kyle's school who Kyle has never met.
(b) Kyle's old girlfriend.
(c) Kyle's favorite actress.
(d) A girl from Kyle's school who Kyle gave the rose to at the dance.

4. What does SilentMaid decide to do?
(a) She will try to find a human to love her for who she is.
(b) She will trade her voice for love.
(c) She will return to the sea.
(d) She will trade her sight for love.

5. Who is Kendra?
(a) Kyle's mother.
(b) An overweight Goth witch.
(c) Kyle's best friend.
(d) The future homecoming queen.

6. Which of the following is not an example of a curse found on Kyle's chat room?
(a) A prince turned into a frog.
(b) A woman turned into a man.
(c) A mermaid turned into a girl.
(d) A man turned into a bear.

7. How does Kyle's father react to the curse?
(a) He swears to help reverse the curse, then never returns home from work.
(b) He thinks that Kyle is playing a joke, but swears to find a way to fix it when he realizes that it is real.
(c) He tells Kyle that he will just have to adapt to his new look, and that he will always love him because he is his son.
(d) He runs away from his son, not recognizing him.

8. What does Kyle think odd about Kendra?
(a) He has never seen her before, and she looks out of place.
(b) She sounds foreign.
(c) She does not like Kyle.
(d) She does not like homecoming.

9. Why does Kyle think that Kendra doesn't like him?
(a) He thinks she's jealous of his good looks and popularity.
(b) He thinks she secretly does like him.
(c) He knows that she is right to not like him.
(d) He thinks she's just mean hearted.

10. After returning home from the doctor's, what does Kyle's dad do?
(a) He apologizes to Kyle, saying that nothing can be done.
(b) He abandons Kyle in the Midwest.
(c) He agrees to continue helping Kyle, but Kyle knows that he is lying.
(d) He agrees to continue helping Kyle.

11. In Part 2, how does Kyle feel about love?
(a) He is in love.
(b) He hates love.
(c) He wishes that he could find his love.
(d) He doesn't believe in love.

12. Why does Kyle think that he was unable to break his spell with Sloane?
(a) She doesn't really love him.
(b) Kendra was lying about the spell.
(c) Sloane is not his fate.
(d) He doesn't really love her.

13. How does Kendra acknowledge Kyle's only kind act?
(a) She only makes him remain a beast for two years.
(b) She gives him a single white rose to remind him of real beauty.
(c) She agrees to date him now that he is ugly too.
(d) She gives him two years to find his true love and reverse the spell.

14. Why is Kyle so upset about the rose?
(a) He is a perfectionist and a rose is not what he asked for.
(b) He worries that it will ruin his chance at a make out session after the dance.
(c) He is allergic to roses.
(d) He does not like the color white.

15. How does Sloan react to the rose?
(a) She dumps Kyle because he can't even get a single flower right.
(b) She says that it is no orchid, but it will have to do.
(c) She says that it is beautiful.
(d) She rejects it just as Kyle did.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Kyle feel about the homecoming ceremony?

2. What will break the curse?

3. Who is Rob Kingsbury?

4. Where does Kyle expect to see Linda?

5. How does Kendra react to Kyle's news that he has been completely alone for months?

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