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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sloan react to the rose?
(a) She says that it is no orchid, but it will have to do.
(b) She rejects it just as Kyle did.
(c) She dumps Kyle because he can't even get a single flower right.
(d) She says that it is beautiful.

2. Which of the following was not offered by Kyle's father as a payment for tutoring Kyle?
(a) A book deal.
(b) A credit card.
(c) A large salary.
(d) To pay off student loans.

3. Why is Kyle so upset about the rose?
(a) He is a perfectionist and a rose is not what he asked for.
(b) He worries that it will ruin his chance at a make out session after the dance.
(c) He is allergic to roses.
(d) He does not like the color white.

4. Where does Kyle send Magda when she arrives at his apartment?
(a) To get a cell phone.
(b) To get a pizza.
(c) Back home.
(d) To get some beer.

5. Which of the following is not a member of the online chat room?
(a) Grizzlyguy.
(b) Froggie.
(c) SilentMaid.
(d) MadDog.

6. What does SilentMaid decide to do?
(a) She will trade her voice for love.
(b) She will trade her sight for love.
(c) She will try to find a human to love her for who she is.
(d) She will return to the sea.

7. How does Kendra acknowledge Kyle's only kind act?
(a) She gives him a single white rose to remind him of real beauty.
(b) She agrees to date him now that he is ugly too.
(c) She only makes him remain a beast for two years.
(d) She gives him two years to find his true love and reverse the spell.

8. Who is moving in with Kyle?
(a) His father.
(b) Linda.
(c) Sloane.
(d) Magda.

9. Why is Kendra not allowed into the dance?
(a) Kendra is not dressed properly.
(b) Kyle was supposed to have her ticket, so she doesn't have one.
(c) Kyle told the ticket girl to make sure she didn't get in.
(d) Kendra does not attend their school.

10. What does Kyle do with the rose?
(a) He gives it to Kendra.
(b) He gives it to Sloane.
(c) He gives it to the ticket girl at the dance.
(d) He throws it away.

11. How does Kyle feel about what he sees happen to Linda in the mirror?
(a) He figures she probably deserves it.
(b) He doesn't care, as it is not his problem.
(c) He finds it very entertaining.
(d) He feels bad for her, and wishes that he be there for her.

12. Where does Kyle move to?
(a) Phoenix.
(b) Queens.
(c) Portland.
(d) Brooklyn.

13. How does Trey feel about what happened between Kyle and Kendra?
(a) He thinks Kyle should change.
(b) He doesn't understand why Kyle is taking it so seriously.
(c) He agrees with Kendra.
(d) He thinks that Kyle should put that "witch" in her place.

14. Why does Kendra allow Kyle a chance to redeem himself?
(a) She knows that it would be wrong to curse someone without a way out.
(b) She sees that he did one nice thing.
(c) She doesn't mean to.
(d) The nature of magic forces her hand.

15. What does the mirror represent to Kyle?
(a) That he will be a beast forever.
(b) A small hope that he may find his love.
(c) A small hope that he might convince Kendra to change him back.
(d) A reminder of his vanity.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not an example of a curse found on Kyle's chat room?

2. How does Dr. Endecott treat Kyle?

3. How does Sloane react when she discovers Kyle's curse?

4. In Part 2, how does Kyle feel about love?

5. How does Kyle respond to SilentMaid's plan?

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