Objects & Places from Beartown

Fredrik Backman
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This object owned by Maya is symbolic of her artistic spirit and creative talent.


This item is seen on the wall of Amat's bedroom amidst several posters featuring NHL stars.

The Banner

This object symbolizes the principles that many of the characters in the novel fail to uphold.

Cellar Door

The dent found here by Kevin's mother spurs Kevin's mother to cover it up by slamming her suitcase against it.

100 Kroner Note

This object given to Kevin by William Lyt represents Kevin's guilt and Lyt's collusion with the act.

The Forest

This setting in the novel represents the culture of silence perpetuated in Beartown.

Bathroom Mirror

This object that is broken by Maya in a fit of rage is covered up by Amat's actions just as Jeanette discovers him.


This object owned by David represents his fatherly love for Benji and Kevin. After winning games...

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