Beartown Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Fredrik Backman
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Chapters 1 - 6

• NOTE: Citations in this guide are based on the following version of the book: Backman, Fredrik. Beartown. English language translation by Neil Smith. First Atria Books hardcover edition, April 2017.

• Beartown is a contemporary novel set in a small rural town in Sweden that is centered on the game of hockey.

• The narrative is related from a third-person omniscient narrator in the present-tense, with the exception of Chapter 1, which is related in past-tense.

• In Chapter 1, the narrator describes a teenager taking a double-barreled shotgun, going into the forest, holding it to someone’s forehead, and pulling the trigger. The narrator sets up the story by establishing this action and stating, “This is the story of how we got there” (1).

• In Chapter 2, the narrative shifts to the present-tense, describing a Friday in early March, the day before Beartown Ice Hockey Club’s junior team plays their semifinal game...

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