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David Garrow
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. King wanted the Birmingham protests to start after what?
(a) The opening of a new department store.
(b) The elections.
(c) The new year.
(d) The March on Washington.

2. The white merchants resisted what aim?
(a) The formation of a biracial committee.
(b) Desegregating the city government.
(c) Having fair hiring practices in the retail stores.
(d) Desegregating the retail stores.

3. Robert Kennedy got a federal injunction against which group to keep them from harassing the bus riders?
(a) The KKK.
(b) The Nazi Party.
(c) The Masons.
(d) The SCLC.

4. What was King's tour called?
(a) Chance for Change.
(b) Racism Ends.
(c) Suffrage for All.
(d) People-to-People.

5. The SCLC teamed up with what organization to train students to teach citizenship schools?
(a) The Baptist Civic Organization.
(b) The Montgomery Voter Association.
(c) The American Cultural Club.
(d) The Highlander Folk School.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which organization was formed to oversee the boycott and legal maneuvering?

2. Where was King when a grand jury began handing out indictments against MIA leaders for breaking laws against unlawful boycotts?

3. The focus of the Birmingham protests was on what?

4. King announced that the Crusade for Citizenship would hold how many rallies simultaneously?

5. What was one of the demands that MIA made of the city?

Short Essay Questions

1. In August, King was arrested. Why was he arrested? What effects did the arrest have?

2. What was the March on Washington?

3. What did John and Robert Kennedy do for King? How did this come about?

4. Why did the protests in Birmingham not get off to the start that King wanted?

5. What did Connor do to shop the marchers in Birmingham? How did the marchers respond?

6. What happened to King in New York?

7. How many rallies did King announce for the voter registration? What was the outcome of these rallies?

8. What was the Montgomery Improvement Association? What were its aims?

9. What were the aims of the demonstrations in Birmingham?

10. Who was Stanley Levison? Why was the Kennedy campaign growing more concerned about King?

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