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Short Answer Questions

1. What do Esteban and Esperanza lose before leaving their country?

2. What place had Lou Ann avoided since Dwayne Ray was born?

3. What news does Taylor receive at the beginning of chapter 10?

4. What did Esteban and Esperanza have to wear during the adoption meeting?

5. How does Lou Ann interpret travel?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Esteban and Angel are the most prominent male characters in text; however, they are very different from one another. Compare and contrast Angel and Esteban. What do they each symbolize in the novel?

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 11, the reader sees a change in Lou Ann's character. She tells Taylor of a dream that she has. An angel comes to her and tells her that Dwayne Ray will not live to see the year 2000. Lou Ann also reads her horoscope that says she will take advice from a stranger. Lou Ann believes that this stranger is the angel. What do you believe to be the significance of these events?

Essay Topic 3

The theme of gardening is mentioned throughout the entire novel. The idea of growing seems to be important to the author. Why do you think that is? Why use a garden as a means of explaining the way in which things grow? How do you view growth in relation to the novel?

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