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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Esteban stop his car abruptly?
(a) A chipmunk.
(b) A quail and her brood.
(c) A Cat and her kitten.
(d) A Duck and her ducklings.

2. After the doctor's visit, where does Taylor take Turtle?
(a) The desert.
(b) The museum.
(c) A waterpark.
(d) The zoo.

3. What type of trees are mentioned at the beginning of Chapter 7?
(a) Cottonwood.
(b) Oak.
(c) Willows.
(d) Maple.

4. For what is Bobby Bingo's son well known?
(a) His skills and knowledge.
(b) His prices.
(c) His loud voice.
(d) His crazy commercials.

5. Esperanza and Esteban are originally from which country?
(a) Guadalajara.
(b) Guatemala.
(c) Peru.
(d) Honduras.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lou Ann wear to bed the night Angel leaves her?

2. What does Taylor confess to Mattie in Chapter 3?

3. What is Taylor's mother doing that she disagrees with?

4. Which is a characteristic of the potential roommates Taylor meets in Chapter 5?

5. Lou Ann cautions Taylor about ______ , afraid that Turtle will choke on them.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Lou Ann waiting for Taylor when she returns from her trip to the desert? What does Lou Ann have to say?

2. Why does Lou Ann avoid Lee Sing's market? Explain.

3. What is the only way that Esteban and Esperanza would be able to stay in the states? What is the problem with this?

4. What changes can be observed in Esteban and Esperanza as they travel deeper into the Cherokee nation during Chapter 15?

5. What does Lou Ann criticize Taylor for in Chapter 12?

6. Explain the circumstances that caused Taylor to decide to leave the Burger Derby.

7. Explain the situation that takes place in the law office.

8. How does Taylor come to realize that Edna Poppy is blind?

9. What is the reaction of Granny Logan and Lou Ann's mother when Lou Ann asks them to stay longer?

10. What does the social worker, Cynthia, tell Taylor in Chapter 13?

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