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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Taylor confess to Mattie in Chapter 3?
(a) That she cannot afford new tires.
(b) That she has run away from home.
(c) That she has stolen Turtle.
(d) That she is an ex-convict.

2. Where are Taylor and Turtle living?
(a) In a mall.
(b) With Mattie.
(c) At a hotel.
(d) In the basement of the Burger Derby.

3. Who came up with the name "Jesus is Lord Used Tires"?
(a) A group of Mexican kids.
(b) Mattie's grandfather.
(c) Mattie's late husband.
(d) Mattie.

4. What did Angel lose in the car accident?
(a) His hearing.
(b) His arm.
(c) His leg.
(d) His sight.

5. What nationality is Angel?
(a) Texan.
(b) Guatemalan.
(c) Peruvian.
(d) Mexican American.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Mattie get her purple beans?

2. What year was the dial-up phone system installed in Taylor's hometown?

3. What does Mattie serve Turtle at Jesus is Lord Used Tires?

4. From what point of view is Chapter Two narrated?

5. What type of car does Taylor buy after she decides to leave home?

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