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Chapter 1

• Marietta Greer, or "Missy", is a young girl from Pittman County, Kentucky. After a high school friend, Newt, is shot to death by his father, Missy decides to leave town. Missy hopes that by running from Kentucky, she will avoid a devastating fate.

• Missy's car runs out of gas in Taylorville, Oaklahoma, and she changes her name to Taylor. She comes into contact with an Indian woman in the Cherokee Nation. The woman is carrying a young child and insists on giving the child to Taylor. Before Taylor has a chance to protest, the woman is gone.

Chapter 2

• A new character is introduced, Lou Ann Ruiz. She acts as the narrator for this chapter. Lou Ann has a different voice than Taylor, in that she is much more insecure in her self worth.

• Lou Ann currently lives in Tuscon, Arizona. Like Taylor, She is originally from Kentucky...

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