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W. E. B. Griffin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Dailey first assigned before going back to the US?
(a) The South Atlantic Front.
(b) North Africa.
(c) The German front.
(d) The Pacific Front.

2. What message does Moore agree to pass on to Major Banning?
(a) That Colonel Dailey wants to be assigned to him.
(b) That Colonel Dailey wants a favor from him.
(c) That Colonel Dailey wants Pickering to be assigned to his team.
(d) That Colonel Dailey wants to meet him.

3. How is Moore supposed to transport the message to Major Banning?
(a) Using radio.
(b) On paper.
(c) Using the phone.
(d) By remembering it.

4. What doesn't HQ know about Moore?
(a) That he works for Pickering.
(b) That he has access to MAGIC documents.
(c) That he is a pacifist.
(d) That he speaks Japanese.

5. What does Pickering's message say about his intention towards the Marines on Guadalcanal?
(a) He wants to support them from afar.
(b) He will stay with them.
(c) He wants to leave the Island.
(d) He wants reinforcements for them.

6. What group is the message Moore transported bad news for?
(a) The Fourth Marine Division.
(b) The Third Marine Division.
(c) The Second Marine Division.
(d) The First Marine Division.

7. What do Hon and his team try to determine from the message intercepted from the Japanese?
(a) Who sent it.
(b) How many troops are sent to Guadalcanal.
(c) Where Yamamoto is.
(d) If the Japanese know where their fleet is.

8. What is Moore ordered to do at the start of Chapter 10?
(a) Change to plain clothes.
(b) Transport a message.
(c) Report for cryptography training.
(d) Pick up people at the airport.

9. Where does Chapter 14 open?
(a) Guadalcanal.
(b) Pearl Harbor.
(c) Washington, D.C.
(d) San Diego.

10. What is Dailey surprised to learn?
(a) That he is being transferred to Germany.
(b) That he is being sent home.
(c) That he is being reactivated for combat.
(d) That he is selected for the Navy Cross.

11. What do the Coastwatchers of Buka see in Chapter 14?
(a) A large group of Japanese destroyers.
(b) A large group of Japanese planes.
(c) A large group of Japanese landing barges.
(d) A large group of Japanese submarines.

12. When does Chapter 10 open?
(a) July 1, 1942.
(b) July 5, 1942.
(c) July 11, 1942.
(d) July 8, 1942.

13. Who reprimands Schneider for his lack of understanding of how things work in the time of war in Chapter 12?
(a) Lt Ward.
(b) John Moore.
(c) Calloway.
(d) Colonel Rixby.

14. Where is Ellen Feller at the start of Chapter 17?
(a) In John Moore's bed.
(b) In a pool.
(c) In a restaurant.
(d) In her room.

15. Why is Dailey's reputation tarnished?
(a) He fell for a Gapanese woman.
(b) He fell for an African American woman.
(c) He fell for a British woman,
(d) He fell for a German woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Moore approached by Colonel Dailey?

2. What does Ellen Feller finish at Water Lily Cottage?

3. What is Pickering put in charge of?

4. What does Knox tell Admiral Nimitz?

5. How are women predominantly portrayed by Griffin in "Battleground"?

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