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W. E. B. Griffin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are Sgt Rutterman and Captain Sessions working?
(a) The Army Intelligence.
(b) The US Navy Intelligence.
(c) The US Air Force Intelligence.
(d) The Marine Corps Intelligence.

2. When does Captain Galloway meet with Lt Colonel Dawkins?
(a) June 25, 1942.
(b) June 22, 1942.
(c) June 27, 1942.
(d) June 20, 1942.

3. What plane is Dunn piloting?
(a) A Corsair.
(b) A Catalina.
(c) A Lightning.
(d) A Wildcat.

4. What should be attacked before Rafael according to the Navy?
(a) Antigua.
(b) Tillage.
(c) Leyte.
(d) Bougainville.

5. What is the rank of the man knocking on Pickering's door?
(a) Colonel.
(b) Lieutenant.
(c) Full Commander.
(d) Major.

6. When does Chapter 1 open?
(a) June 4, 1942.
(b) June 12, 1942.
(c) June 6, 1942.
(d) June 8, 1942.

7. What game is MacArthur good at?
(a) Tarot.
(b) Black Jack.
(c) Bridge.
(d) Poker.

8. What military branch is Dunn part of?
(a) USMC.
(c) US NAVY.
(d) US ARMY.

9. Who is Moore a descendant of?
(a) A wealthy New York family.
(b) A wealthy South Carolina family.
(c) A wealthy Pennsylvania family.
(d) A wealthy California family.

10. What island do Pickering, Major Banning and Pluto Hon discuss after deciding Moore's assignment?
(a) Bougainville.
(b) The Mariannes.
(c) Guadalcanal.
(d) Leyte.

11. Where is Jacob Reeves in Chapter 4?
(a) North Carolina.
(b) Buka.
(c) San Diego.
(d) Pearl Harbor.

12. What carrier does Captain Galloway land on after the attack of Pearl Harbor?
(a) The Saratoga.
(b) The Essex.
(c) The Midway.
(d) The Boxer.

13. Where is Moore told he will be living?
(a) In the local army camp.
(b) In a hotel near the airport.
(c) In Perth.
(d) Near The Elms.

14. Where are Sgt Rutterman and Captain Sessions sent by Lt Col Rickabee?
(a) The Solomon Island.
(b) Pearl Harbor.
(c) Parris Island.
(d) Guadalcanal.

15. What does Nurse Flo Kocharski secretly do?
(a) Leave.
(b) Change medical records.
(c) Marry.
(d) Sneak documents out.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Dunn's opinion of Schneider?

2. When does Chapter 2 open?

3. Who is sending the message Pickering is given?

4. What rank is Clyde Dawkins?

5. When does Chapter 6 open?

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