Battleground Short Essay - Answer Key

W. E. B. Griffin
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1. In Chapter 1, where is William Charles "Bill" Dunn stationed and why is he frightened?

William Charles "Bill" Dunn is stationed at Midway in Chapter 1 and is frightened because he is about to make his first flight to attack Japanese forces, which are thought of as strong and superior.

2. What is proven correct by the Japanese?

The Japanese prove the assessment of Midway being considered second in importance to Pearl Harbor correct when the Japanese include the island in the Pearl Harbor attack in December 1941.

3. What happens to Dunn at the beginning of the attack?

At the beginning of the attack, Dunn realizes that he did not lower his goggles and his windshield is shot out. Dunn's pants are wet and he is bleeding and the rest of the battle becomes a blur.

4. What does Dunn realize people think about him?

Dunn realizes that people think he is a coward because he left the battle early and when Dunn asks if he can return to his squadron, he finds out there was no squadron left.

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