Battleground Quiz | Four Week Quiz B

W. E. B. Griffin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Moore think of the security at The Elms?
(a) It is lax.
(b) It is better than the U.S Navy HQ.
(c) It the highest he could imagine.
(d) It is almost invisible.

2. What does Ellen Feller fear her husband hid?
(a) The gold he smuggled from China.
(b) The drugs he smuggled from China.
(c) The jade he smuggled from China.
(d) The weapons he smuggled from China.

3. Who asks after the whereabouts of Pickering?
(a) His wife.
(b) His brother.
(c) His sister.
(d) His mother.

4. Why does David Schneider have difficulty understanding the issue mentioned in Question #111?
(a) Schneider is oblivious to how others feel about him.
(b) Schneider is by the book.
(c) Schneider follows Galloway without question.
(d) Schneider is brutal in wartime.

5. What are Vandergrift's orders for Pickering?
(a) To give him a fighting unit to command.
(b) To arrest him.
(c) To keep him.
(d) To send him to safety as quickly as possible.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Mary Agnes considered a low level character?

2. How many men does Captain Goettge take on patrol?

3. Where does Moore arrive at the start of Chapter 9?

4. What island do Pickering, Major Banning and Pluto Hon discuss after deciding Moore's assignment?

5. Why is Dailey sent to the South Pacific?

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