Objects & Places from Battleground

W. E. B. Griffin
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WWII Fighting Aircraft - This consists of The Zero, Wildcat, Vals, Katys, Buffaloes and Spitfires.

Guadalcanal - This place becomes a critical occupation site for Allied and Japanese forces.

Jade - This is a valuable item and was mined in many countries.

Australia - This is a critical region for the advance in the South Pacific.

Military rank and protocol - This organization responds without question to orders of a chain of command and lives by strict guidelines out of respect, loyalty, and court martial.

Coastwatchers - This is a band of men who are reinforced with personnel and exist without much equipment or hope, but provide valuable information for the Allied troops.

Special Detachment 14 - This is related to offer protection, support, and prevent disagreements from arising.

Eyes Only/Top Secret - This is a term used to describe communications.

World War II - This is...

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