Daily Lessons for Teaching Battleground

W. E. B. Griffin
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter One)


Chapter One

William Charles "Bill" Dunn is stationed at Midway and works as a Marine aviator and takes flight against Japanese forces. Many were frightened because of the common knowledge that the enemy had a strong force and superior aircraft. The objective of this lesson is to examine William Charles "Bill" Dunn, why he is attacking the enemy, and the events that unfolded.


1) Pair Work: Library Research and Summary: Students should find information on the events that led up to World War II, who was on the Allied side and who was on the side of the Germans and when Japanese forces became involved in the war. Students should write a summary of the information found.

2) Group Work: Character Outline: Students should create a character outline to go over Dunn's personal characteristics or traits, including his vices and virtues. Students should update the character charts...

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