Battleground Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

W. E. B. Griffin
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Chapter One

• Chapter 1 begins on June 4, 1942 on Midway Island.

• The Allied forces are at war against the Japanese with the battleground in the Pacific.

• William Charles "Bill" Dunn is about to make his first flight.

• Dunn is frightened because Japanese forces and aircraft are superior.

• Dunn will fly on a Wildcat against the Japanese Zeroes.

• Midway Island is in the South Pacific and was a refueling area. Americans took it over as a aircraft and submarine base.

• Midway is considered second in importance to Pearl Harbor which was attacked in December 1941.

• Navy and Marine Corps built a military presence on Midway.

• Major Park, Dunn's commanding officer is also supposed to fly a Wildcat.

• Bill looks at photos of his parents and Sue-Ann a woman he is pretending is his sweetheart.

• Major Parks is preparing for the battle and compares the young men with British fighter pilots who were...

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