Batman: The Long Halloween Quiz | Two Week Quiz A

Jeph Loeb
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Eight.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who turns on the bat signal in this section?
(a) Poison Ivy.
(b) The Roman.
(c) Catwoman.
(d) Jim Gordon.

2. Whose account does Wayne endorse?
(a) Falcone's.
(b) Kyle's.
(c) Alfred's.
(d) Maroni's.

3. What does Holiday leave at the scene of the crime?
(a) A red rose.
(b) A heart shaped box of candy.
(c) A family photo album.
(d) A Valentine's card.

4. Where does Batman confront Carmine?
(a) Carmine's yacht.
(b) Alberto's grave.
(c) Gotham Harbor.
(d) A local cafe.

5. What is Harvey revealing to Gilda in this section?
(a) Her potrait.
(b) Her birthday present.
(c) His new car.
(d) Her Christmas present.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where are Vernon and Sal discussing their business?

2. Where is Carla Vita shooting her gun?

3. Where was the Joker being held prisoner?

4. Who does Harvey go to visit in hospital?

5. What is the special day in Chapter Six?

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