Batman: The Long Halloween Character Descriptions

Jeph Loeb
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Batman/Bruce Wayne

He is a vigilante who holds a number of important positions in Gotham City. The most important of these positions in this book is his membership on the board of Gotham City Bank, which he uses to block the entry of Falcone's money into the bank.

Harvey Dent/Two-Face

He does not appreciate having to stay within the limits of the law and frequently indicates that he would like to go after Falcone by any means necessary. He is deeply divided in this way between his role as an upholder of the law and his pure hatred for Gotham City's criminal element. He eventually gives into his hatred and commits murder.

Carmine Falcone

He uses any tactics at his disposal to solve his problems and routinely kills people that stand in his way, willing to employ super villains like Scarecrow and Poison Ivy, even though...

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