Batman: The Long Halloween Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jeph Loeb
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Chapter One

• Bruce Wayne is attending Johnny Vito's wedding, the nephew of the most powerful crime lord in Gotham, Carmine Falcone, otherwise known as the Roman.

• Wayne tells Falcone that he is only attending the wedding because his parents know him and he refuses to help Falcone influence the bank board in his favor.
• Carmine's assistant Milos sees District Attorney Harvey Dent taking down license numbers in Carmine's underground garage. He sends men to rough Dent up.

• Wayne returns to the party as Batman, catching Catwoman breaking into Carmine's safe. They briefly fight and until Falcone's force them out of the room. Carmine presumes both of them were stealing from him and places a million dollar bounty on their heads.
• Batman meets Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Dent on top of a building, giving them Carmine's ledger book. He promises Gordon that he will try to stay within the...

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