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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What clothing does Bone beg from her aunts?
(a) Mama's dresses.
(b) T-shirts from Bone's uncles.
(c) Earle and Beau's old denim workshirts.
(d) Her cousin's jeans.

2. Who comes to the diner almost everyday for lunch?
(a) Uncle Earle.
(b) Travis.
(c) The preacher.
(d) Glen.

3. What is one of the pretend meals that Bone and Reese make up?
(a) Mashed bug meat with pickles.
(b) Fried rutabagas and jellos.
(c) Peanut butter and steamed daffodils.
(d) Sugar-glazed turtle meat with poson greens.

4. Where is Glen when Mama cooks eggs for Bone and Reese?
(a) In the kitchen with the family.
(b) He has left the house in anger.
(c) In front of the television in the living room.
(d) On the front porch smoking.

5. Who throws Reese up in the air so high that it looks like she is going to fly?
(a) Earle.
(b) Beau.
(c) Wade.
(d) Glen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Glen to sob in Chapter 4?

2. Who takes photos of everyone with a camera in Chapter 3?

3. How does Mama's first husband die?

4. Whose photographic image is described "as flat and empty as a sheet of tin in the sun"?

5. What does Mrs. Parsons give Mama?

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