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A Year from Now

Where will Bone be and how will she be feeling a year from now? Write a one page description of Bone's life a year after the end of the book from Bone's perspective.

The Monster Within

When Bone's anger is described, it seems to grow and even take form. Take one of the descriptions for Bone's anger and rage and draw it.

Bone's Poetry

Write a poem as if you are Bone. The poem can be in any style.

Boatwright Roots

The Boatwright clan is large. Draw a family tree, including every Boatwright mentioned, plus spouses and significant others.

A Different Ending

Role play the final scene between Mama and Bone, inserting what you want Bone and Mama to say to one another.


Imagine Glen is tied to a chair with no hope of getting loose. No one else is in the room...

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