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Chapter 1

• The main character, Bone, is introduced with an explanation for how she received her name.

• Other family members are introduced.

• Mama dislikes the term "bastard" and tries to get it removed from Bone's birth record.

• Mama marries Lyle and gives birth to another daughter, Reese; Lyle dies in car accident.

• The courthouse burns to the ground, and Mama burns Bone's birth certificate at home.

Chapter 2

• When Bone is about five years old, she spends summer afternoons near Granny on Aunt Alma's porch.

• Bone notices that she doesn't look like other family members because she has dark hair. Granny says she gets the dark hair from her father, but that she's stubborn like all the other Boatwrights.

• Bone asks Mama to tell her about her father, but her mother acts like she doesn't hear her.

• The family says Glen Waddell is crazy for Mama.

• Noticing that her uncles...

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