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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Yollie regarded to be among students at her school?
(a) One of the wealthiest girls.
(b) One of the prettiest girls.
(c) One of the dumbest girls.
(d) One of the smartest girls.

2. How does the audience react to Manuel's performance?
(a) In soft applause.
(b) Embarassed for him.
(c) Very pleased.
(d) Annoyed.

3. How is Manuel's performance seen by the audience?
(a) As comical.
(b) As very talented.
(c) As professional.
(d) As an embarassment.

4. What was Victor saving money for?
(a) A trip to see his dad.
(b) A ski trip.
(c) A trip to see his mom.
(d) School clothes.

5. Who else will be taking Victor's elective?
(a) Tessa.
(b) Teresa.
(c) Theresa.
(d) Tess.

6. What contest does Lupe win at the public library?
(a) The spelling bee.
(b) The reading contest.
(c) A free book.
(d) The accelerated reader list award.

7. What movie does Raymundo introduce to Gilbert?
(a) The Karate Chop.
(b) Fern Gully.
(c) The Next Karate Kid.
(d) The Karate Kid.

8. What does Mrs. Moreno buy for Yollie's school dance?
(a) New shoes.
(b) New make up.
(c) A new necklace.
(d) A new dress.

9. What happens to the record when Manuel performs?
(a) It is way too fast.
(b) It sounds like it's been tampered with.
(c) It is blank.
(d) It skips over and over.

10. What did Victor spend his summer doing?
(a) Changing bed sheets.
(b) Picking grapes.
(c) Pouring coffee.
(d) Picking cotton.

11. What does Gilbert ask his mom for?
(a) Money for The Karate Kid Part Two.
(b) Money to go to the movies.
(c) Money to pay for lessons.
(d) Money to pay for lunch.

12. With whom does Gilbert live?
(a) His dad.
(b) His middle class Hispanic family.
(c) His upper class Hispanic family.
(d) His grandparents.

13. What activity does Lupe begin to master?
(a) Shooting marbles.
(b) Bowling.
(c) Tennis.
(d) Shooting croquet.

14. Which subject does Victor elect to take?
(a) French.
(b) German.
(c) Italian.
(d) Spanish.

15. Whom does Yollie live with?
(a) Her parents.
(b) Her aunt and uncle.
(c) Her grandmother.
(d) Her single mom.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Moreno intend to do with the money she has saved?

2. What school does Gilbert attend?

3. What does Manuel volunteer for?

4. Who does Victor impress in "Seventh Grade"?

5. Who does Manuel want to impress?

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