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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many siblings does Manuel go to school with?
(a) At least 2.
(b) At least 1.
(c) Always 3.
(d) Only 2.

2. How old is Lupe Medrano?
(a) 10 years old.
(b) 11 years old.
(c) 12 years old.
(d) 13 years old.

3. For what reason did Victor choose his elective?
(a) He already spoke Spanish.
(b) He thought it was a pretty language.
(c) He already spoke Latin.
(d) He already spoke French.

4. Who does Victor look for during the second half of lunch?
(a) Michael.
(b) Teresa.
(c) Tessa.
(d) Mitch.

5. What did Victor spend his summer doing?
(a) Picking grapes.
(b) Changing bed sheets.
(c) Pouring coffee.
(d) Picking cotton.

6. Who asks Victor for help in French class at the end of the story?
(a) Michael.
(b) No one.
(c) Mitch.
(d) Teresa.

7. With whom does Gilbert live?
(a) His middle class Hispanic family.
(b) His grandparents.
(c) His upper class Hispanic family.
(d) His dad.

8. What is common knowledge within the school Victor attends?
(a) His interest in music.
(b) His interest in Tess.
(c) His interest in Teresa.
(d) His interest in French.

9. Who is Janice?
(a) Yollie's mom.
(b) Yollie's best friend.
(c) Yolie's cousin.
(d) Yollie's sister.

10. What does Victor think of his friend's plan?
(a) He's an idiot.
(b) He's really smart.
(c) It's a bad idea.
(d) It's a good idea.

11. How is Manuel's performance seen by the audience?
(a) As very talented.
(b) As professional.
(c) As an embarassment.
(d) As comical.

12. Who is Raymundo?
(a) Gilbert's cousin.
(b) Gilbert's dad.
(c) Gilbert's best friend.
(d) Gilbert's brother.

13. What is Yollie regarded to be among students at her school?
(a) One of the wealthiest girls.
(b) One of the smartest girls.
(c) One of the dumbest girls.
(d) One of the prettiest girls.

14. What does Gilbert ask his mom for?
(a) Money to pay for lessons.
(b) Money for The Karate Kid Part Two.
(c) Money to go to the movies.
(d) Money to pay for lunch.

15. Where does Victor sit in French class?
(a) In the back.
(b) In the middle.
(c) Against the book shelf.
(d) Up front, close to Teresa.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the audience react to Manuel's performance?

2. What does Manuel begin to plan at the end of "La Bamba"?

3. Who distracts Manuel at the practice?

4. What happens at the dance to make Yollie horrified?

5. Who does Manuel want to impress?

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