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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Hector and Luis go at the end of "Two Dreamers"?
(a) The movies.
(b) The park.
(c) Dinner.
(d) Lunch.

2. What month is "Broken Chain" set in?
(a) April.
(b) December.
(c) November.
(d) October.

3. How old is Jesse's brother?
(a) 11 years old.
(b) 9 years old.
(c) 10 years old.
(d) 8 years old.

4. What does Fausto do to his story when he retells how he found Fausto?
(a) He never retells it.
(b) Embellishes it.
(c) Leaves part of it out.
(d) Exaggerates it.

5. What is Jesse's brother's name?
(a) Mikey.
(b) Mick.
(c) Michael.
(d) Mike.

6. What does Fausto do with Roger?
(a) Takes him home.
(b) Gives him a bath.
(c) Plays fetch with him.
(d) Returns him to his owner.

7. What is Fausto inspired to become?
(a) A chef.
(b) A bass player.
(c) A guitar player.
(d) A drummer.

8. What is Jesse's coach's name?
(a) Manuel.
(b) Manning.
(c) Manny.
(d) Mason.

9. What does Hector's grandmother often chastise Luis for?
(a) Falling asleep at the table.
(b) Not taking out the trash.
(c) Daydreaming.
(d) Gossiping.

10. Whom does Luis want to avoid confrontation with?
(a) Hector.
(b) The realtor.
(c) His wife.
(d) His son.

11. What does Luis finally give up on?
(a) Refurbishing a new home.
(b) Making money.
(c) Moving homes.
(d) Making money from Real Estate.

12. What holiday just occurred in "Broken Chain"?
(a) Easter.
(b) Halloween.
(c) Thanksgiving.
(d) Christmas.

13. Who is the protagonist in "Broken Chain"?
(a) Ernie.
(b) Sandra.
(c) Alfonso.
(d) Sam.

14. What does Luis know nothing about?
(a) Real Estate.
(b) Investing money.
(c) Saving money.
(d) Making money.

15. What physical activity does the main character take up as a result of his disappointment in "Broken Chain"?
(a) Tennis.
(b) Push ups.
(c) Jogging.
(d) Sit ups.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Hector and Luis's common tendencies?

2. How does Jesse's brother perform?

3. What does the main character ask his new friend, in "Broken Chain"?

4. What does Luis think he is not very good at?

5. What are the qualifications for the new team in "Baseball in April"?

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