Baseball in April and Other Stories Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Alfonso's family life.

Alfonso lives in an urban area with his parents and older brother Ernie. His mom is caring, protective, and at times demanding. His father is introverted, conservative, and an avid fan of the local baseball team.

2. Describe how the local baseball team in "Broken Chain" is doing in its season.

The local baseball team is doing poorly in "Broken Chain." The narrator notes Alfonso's father's mood depends on the status of the local baseball team, and he is not very happy in the story.

3. Describe Alfonso's physical state.

Alfonso is in an awkward stage of his life, where he feels unsure and lacks confidence. He got a new haircut and has been doing sit ups in an attempt to be noticed by girls.

4. Who is Sandra.

Sandra is a girl in Alfonso's grade. They live a few blocks apart and attend the same school. Alfonso meets her and her younger brother and then asks her on a bike ride.

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