Objects & Places from Baseball in April and Other Stories

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Alfonso's Broken Chain appears in Broken Chain

This happens when Alfonso cleans his bike in preparation for a trip with Sandra.

Hobo Parkappears in Baseball in April

This is the neighborhood name for the field where Jesse and Michael's informal baseball team practices and sometimes plays games.

The Pink Houseappears in Two Dreamers

Luis locates this item for sale about two blocks from where he lives.

Barbie Dollappears in Barbie

The protagonist, Veronica Solis, yearns to own this item.

Fausto's Twenty Dollarsappears in The No-Guitar Blues

In No Guitar Blues, a character receives this as a reward for returning a lost dog.

Michael Torres' Scowl appears in Seventh Grade

This person thinks this expression makes him more attractive to girls.

Yollie's Black Dressappears in Mother and Daughter

This item has been dyed because her mother cannot afford to purchase a new one.

Mr. Lopez's Karate Studioappears in The Karate Kid

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