Baseball in April and Other Stories Character Descriptions

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Alfonso appears in Broken Chain - This character meets a girl and plans to go on a bike ride with her the day after they meet.

Jesse and Michael appears in Baseball in April - These characters are nine and eleven years old, respectively. They go to Little League tryouts and perform for the assembled coaches.

Luis appears in Two Dreamers - This person is born in Jalapa, Mexico, and emigrates to the United States in his late twenties, presumably circa 1958.

Veronica Solisappears in Barbie - This person lives with her little sister and their parents in a typical Hispanic family neighborhood and is given a Barbie doll by an uncle.

Faustoappears in The No-Guitar Blues - After seeing Los Lobos perform, this person decides he wants to be a guitar player in a rock and roll band.

Victorappears in Seventh Grade - This person spent his...

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