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Broken Chain

• Broken Chain

• The protagonist in "Broken Chain" is Alfonso, who lives in an urban area with his Hispanic family.

• Alfonso's mother is typical as she is caring, protective, and somewhat demanding.

• Alfonso's father is conservative, introverted, and devoted to a local baseball team.
• Alfonso's father's mood often depends on the status of the local baseball.

• Alfonso has crooked teeth and asks for braces.

• Alfonso asks his mother for braces, and she tells him they are too expensive.

• Alfonso then spends hours each night using his thumbs to try and press his crooked teeth into alignment.
• One day he meets a girl from his school and her younger brother. He and the girl Sandra learn they go to the same school, live nearby, and are the same age.

• Alfonso asks Sandra on a bike ride after walking her home.

• When Alfonso is cleaning his bike for the...

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