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Short Answer Questions

1. What are the gray towers Ernie sees as he approaches Tepic?

2. Where do the children play bullfight?

3. What sign tells Ernie and Henriqueta that Josy has had a successful day of work when he returns home?

4. Who comes through Jalco with news of Gustavo?

5. Why is Ernie not allowed in the party for the poor children?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the circumstances surrounding Nerun's death?

2. How does Ernie describe the Devil's Backbone?

3. What role does Dosa Florencia play in Ernie's neighborhood?

4. What happens to Ernie's tooth in Mazatlan?

5. How does Ernie feel about moving to Tepic?

6. What is the family's plan to leave Tepic?

7. What is Ernie's meeting with Juan-Chon like in Part Three?

8. What are the various jobs help by Ernie's family while in Tepic?

9. How does Ernie describe his new home in Mazatlan?

10. How does Ernie view the train station in Part Two, Section 2?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Please describe the purpose of characterization in literature and how characterization is used in Barrio Boy. You may choose a specific instance or several small instances in the story where characterization is found in the story. Do you think the author is successful in his attempt at characterization for Ernie?

Essay Topic 2

Ernie takes great time to describe the lifestyle of Jalco. Please describe the lifestyle of Jalco and compare this to the lifestyle of Ernie in Mazatlan or Tepic.

Essay Topic 3

Please explain the purpose of tone and some ways that tone is communicated in a novel or nonfiction book. What is the tone of Barrio Boy?

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