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Short Answer Questions

1. About how many cottages does Ernie estimate are in his village?

2. What slang term for cowardly is used by Ernie's mother in Part One, Section 4?

3. What does the Lopez family seem to think the priests are more preoccupied with than saving souls?

4. What is it that provides an escape route for Jalcocotbn should an attack occur?

5. How is the history of Jalco kept?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ernie feel about the arrieros?

2. How is Jalcocotbn described in Part One, Section 1?

3. How does Ernie react when he sees Coronel mating with the hen?

4. How is a child of 6 or older raised in Jalco?

5. From Ernie's description of Jalco, what does the daily lifestyle seem like in the village?

6. Describe Don Cleofas.

7. What are the historical and psychological reasons for the author writing this book?

8. What is the arroyo and what is it used for?

9. How does Catarino's opinion about Coronel's fight affect Ernie?

10. What is the layout of the village of Jalco?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Please analyze how descriptive language is used in Barrio Boy. What are the various types of descriptive language an author can use and how it affects a story. How did it affect Barrio Boy?

Essay Topic 2

Barrio Boy can be considered a Coming of Age Story. Please explain what a Coming of Age story is and how Barrio Boy meets the requirements to be considered a Coming of Age story.

Essay Topic 3

Theme is an essential part of a piece of literature. Please explain the role and purpose of theme in literature. What is the main theme of Barrio Boy? Are there any notable sub-themes?

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