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Short Answer Questions

1. When do the men in Jalco sing?

2. What basic skills do the adults of Jalcocotbn value?

3. What city is located about 40 kilometers away from Jalcocotbn?

4. According to the author, who originally settled this mountain village?

5. Which of the following items is not found in pinole?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ernie react when he sees Coronel mating with the hen?

2. What are the historical and psychological reasons for the author writing this book?

3. What is music in Jalco like and used for?

4. From Ernie's description of Jalco, what does the daily lifestyle seem like in the village?

5. How does Catarino's opinion about Coronel's fight affect Ernie?

6. How is a child of 6 or older raised in Jalco?

7. How does Ernie feel about the arrieros?

8. What does the author's language and description of Jalco seem to emphasize?

9. What is the arroyo and what is it used for?

10. What does Coronel's protection of the hens reinforce for Ernie?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While Ernie it living in Mazatlan we get a glimpse of the class differences. Please analyze the various differences, hindrances, or opportunities that the poor and rich faced in Mazatlan. How was Ernie affected by these class differences?

Essay Topic 2

Please describe the gender roles that exist in Jalco. Pull one example from the text that you think is a good example of the gender roles in Jalco and explain why you think this is an accurate portrayal or picture of the gender roles.

Essay Topic 3

Please briefly describe the political situation in Mexico at the time that Ernie is living there. How do the political circumstances effect Ernie's life and his story?

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