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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Catarino and Gustavo think Nerun got sick?
(a) Heart worms.
(b) By being bitten by a rabid animal.
(c) By eating a sick animal.
(d) Cancer.

2. Why does Henriqueta give Ernie an emulsion called Wampole?
(a) So that he will gain weight.
(b) To help him recover from a cold.
(c) For his gas.
(d) To help him with his toothache.

3. How does Ernie react when he sees the American soldiers helping people off the train?
(a) He is angry at the soldiers.
(b) He thinks it is exciting.
(c) He is overjoyed.
(d) He is frightened.

4. Where do Ernie and his family stay the first night of their travels to Tepic?
(a) A refugee camp.
(b) In a motel.
(c) In a cave.
(d) A rancho.

5. When are boys responsible for completing traditionally feminine chores?
(a) Whenever they are misbehaving.
(b) Only when there are no girls in the household.
(c) There are no traditionally feminine chores.
(d) Never.

6. How does Ernie first learn about the physical differences between boys and girls?
(a) By reading magazines.
(b) By watching old black and white films.
(c) By watching the girls bathe in the river.
(d) By hearing stories told by the older boys.

7. What are supporters of Don Porfirio called?
(a) Maderistas.
(b) Caballeros.
(c) Revolucionarios
(d) Porfiristas.

8. How does Ernie feel about sandwiches the first time he eats one?
(a) It makes him sick.
(b) He is indifferent.
(c) He thinks it is distasteful.
(d) He loves it.

9. What two things are the soldiers looking for when they come to Jalco?
(a) Alcohol and weapons.
(b) Weapons and young men.
(c) Gold and weapons.
(d) Criminals and alcohol.

10. How does Ernie refer to his new apartment in Part Four?
(a) 418 L.
(b) The room.
(c) El Como.
(d) Home.

11. Which animals did Ernie's family leave behind in Jalco?
(a) Relbmpago.
(b) Coronel.
(c) The hens.
(d) All answers are right.

12. At what age do the boys in the village begin taking on manual labor?
(a) 4 years old.
(b) 12 years old.
(c) 5 or 6 years old.
(d) 9 or 10 years old.

13. Why is Ernie not allowed in the party for the poor children?
(a) Because he is not dirty and must not be poor.
(b) Because he has not combed his hair.
(c) Because he is wearing shoes.
(d) Because he did not have an invitation.

14. Where do Ernie and his mother go to get away from the sounds of the city?
(a) A small town north of Tepic.
(b) The Alameda.
(c) Jalco.
(d) Their apartment.

15. What does Ernie play with the light bulbs in his Tucson hotel room?
(a) On off.
(b) Lightening.
(c) Bright light.
(d) Flash.

Short Answer Questions

1. What book does Ernie ask Mr. Howard to find for him?

2. Between what ages do young men in Jalco ask for a girl's hand in marriage?

3. What role do the younger boys play when the older boys allow them to play bullfights with them?

4. In Part Four, about how many tenants are there in Ernie's apartment building?

5. What is the Plaza de Armas?

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