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Map it

Create a map that shows all of Ernie's travels starting at Jalco and ending in Sacramento. You should be able to provide a short description of Ernie's life in each location.


Create a pro-Madero and pro-Porfirio campaign slogan and poster for each man running for president of Mexico.


Create a pinata of one of the following: Coronel, Nerun, or Relbmpago. Make sure that this pinata is colorful and at least 12" x 12".


Create a photo album for the story. There should be one "photo" per part and section of the story and one 1-2 sentence description per photo. You can draw, paint, or create the photo online or from other images as long as it represents a scene or action in the part and section of the story it is meant for.

Fight Song

Choose one of the many schools that Ernie attended while...

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