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Introduction and Part One, Section 1 (through page 6)

• The author explains how this book came into being.

• The author states that there two main reasons he wrote this book, one historical and one psychological.
• The physical description and history of Jalcocotbn, the place where the author spent his early childhood, is given.

• The description emphasizes Jalcocotbn's separation from other communities as well as its rural, undeveloped atmosphere.

Part One, Section 2 (through page 15)

• Jalco is a small, rural village that has no defined government or church.

• All of the residents in Jalco live in similar plain houses without most modern conveniences of a large city.
• The routine of the village is simple and follows a standard routine which is not often strayed from by its residents.

• Without government or a recognized authority, the villagers take it upon themselves to live gainfully and peacefully

Part One, Section 3 (through page 27)

• Ernie's mother...

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