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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why will Bazile and the notary not be there earlier?
(a) The notary is engaged to perform the wedding of Figaro's niece earlier in the afternoon.
(b) The notary does not do weddings before dinner.
(c) The notary has a day job.
(d) The notary will be out of town.

2. Rosine comes in, refusing to take any more music lessons from anybody. Why does she quickly change her mind?
(a) She thinks that Bazile is coming.
(b) "Alonzo" is handsome.
(c) When she sees "Alonzo" and instantly realizes who he is.
(d) She assumes Bazile has quit.

3. What evidence does the Count have that she loves him?
(a) She has written him a love letter.
(b) Her being upset.
(c) She tells him she loves him.
(d) Her huge smile.

4. Of what does Bartholo accuse Figaro?
(a) Allowing the Count into his home.
(b) Bringing a strange new music teacher to his home.
(c) Coming back to cause more disturbances in the house.
(d) Leaving the door unlocked.

5. How does Bartholo react to "Alonzo's" arrival?
(a) He is nervous.
(b) He is immediately suspicious
(c) He is excited to meet the new teacher.
(d) He is surprised.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Bazile witness the Count and Rosine sign the contract?

2. Why does Bartholo leave to get a basin?

3. What do Figaro, the Count and Rosine barely have time to discuss, when Bartholo returns, angry with himself for leaving Figaro alone with "Alonzo" and Rosine?

4. What happens every time the Count kisses Rosine's hand?

5. What does "Alonzo" say happened to the letter that Rosine had written to the Count?

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