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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What evidence does the Count have that she loves him?
(a) She has written him a love letter.
(b) Her being upset.
(c) She tells him she loves him.
(d) Her huge smile.

2. Why does Bartholo panic and run for a chair?
(a) Rosine lies and says she thinks she broke her ankle.
(b) "Alonzo" is fighting him.
(c) Rosine is throwing things at him.
(d) There is an earthquake.

3. What does Bartholo tell Rosine the Count had told him?
(a) The Count loves her desperately and will be there around midnight.
(b) The Count never loved her and is not coming.
(c) The Count showed the letter to another woman, and then told Bartholo the whole story in the hopes of getting Rosine away from the Count.
(d) The Count wrote her a love letter but Bartholo had destroyed it in a fit of rage.

4. Why does the notary ask the Count to confirm that he is, in fact, Almaviva?
(a) The notary has two marriage contracts with him: one for the wedding of Bartholo and Rosine, the other for the wedding of Almaviva and Rosine.
(b) To make the wedding official.
(c) The notary does not trust him.
(d) Only a Count could marry on such short notice.

5. Why does the Count tell Bartholo that he is here to teach Rosine singing?
(a) Bazile has moved.
(b) Bazile has quit.
(c) Bazile is not a good teacher.
(d) Bazile is ill.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bartholo finally realize about "Alonzo?"

2. With whom does Bartholo appear?

3. Why will Bazile and the notary not be there earlier?

4. What does the Count reveal in an aside?

5. What does Bazile do when Bartholo asks for the cash back?

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