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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rosine wonders whether Bartholo thinks she would not be able to resist even the attractions of a servant like Figaro, which leads Bartholo to make what suggestion?
(a) Women can find any man attractive.
(b) Women never love men.
(c) Men can find any woman attractive.
(d) Men never truly love women.

2. How does the Count meet Rosine?
(a) By chance on a street in Madrid.
(b) At a party help in Madrid.
(c) At his home.
(d) By chance at the store.

3. What does the Count knock out of Bartholo's hand?
(a) His letter of exemption.
(b) His gun.
(c) His knife.
(d) His drink.

4. Why does the Count ask what Figaro is doing in Seville?
(a) He thought Figaro had died.
(b) Since the Count found Figaro a job as a writer.
(c) Since the Count got Figaro a job in the government.
(d) He heard Figaro had moved to Paris.

5. To what can commedia be compared today?
(a) The symphony.
(b) Dramas.
(c) Documentaries.
(d) Television sitcoms.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Figaro reassure the Count?

2. What does the Count do while telling Bartholo to do his duty to the military and put him up for the night?

3. What does Rosine tell Bartholo is on the paper she is holding?

4. What do the Count and Figaro discover about the song?

5. What does the Count say about Bartholo's skills as a doctor?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Rosine tell Figaro to tell "Lindor?" How will this news affect "Lindor?"

2. Why is the Count worried that Rosine might not leave with them to be married?

3. How does the notary respond to the Count's new plan? Why does he seem so complacent?

4. What does the Count say when he realizes they are trapped? Predict what will happen in the next scene.

5. What does Figaro learn, while in a cupboard? What does Bazile suggest to Bartholo? What would be the outcome of this?

6. How is Rosine able to be alone and free? What might she be writing in her letter to "Lindor?"

7. What does Rosine say about the paper she is holding? What might be significant about this paper?

8. Why do the servants say that they did not stop Figaro from coming in? How will Bartholo treat Figaro from now on? Why?

9. What does Rosine do when she believes that "Lindor" was deceiving her, expressing love on someone else's behalf? How does this heighten the suspense?

10. Who is Figaro? What is he doing as the audience and reader first meet him? What might be his role throughout the play?

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