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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bartholo challenge the Count to do?
(a) Say what he came for.
(b) A hotdog eathing contest.
(c) A wrestling match.
(d) A duel.

2. What does the Count do while telling Bartholo to do his duty to the military and put him up for the night?
(a) He shows Rosine the letter.
(b) He stumbles around.
(c) He looks for Figaro.
(d) He sings.

3. Why are Bartholo's servants not very helpful?
(a) They were given the day off.
(b) They have been drugged by Figaro.
(c) They do not like him.
(d) They are stupid.

4. The Count grabs his gun and does what?
(a) Runs out the door.
(b) Sets up a mock battle between himself and Bartholo.
(c) Shoots Bartholo.
(d) Kills himself.

5. Why does the Count recognize Figaro?
(a) Figaro lived next door to him.
(b) Figaro was once in the Count's service.
(c) They went to school together.
(d) Figaro was once his tutor.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what does the Count long?

2. What does Rosine hand to Figaro?

3. What would Bazile's suggestion do to the Count?

4. How does Bartholo enter?

5. Where is the Count playing the guitar and singing?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the scene open? Why is the Count dressed in a disguise?

2. How does Figaro respond when Bartholo calls him a knave? What is a knave?

3. How does Rosine learn that her lover is not who he says he is? How does she misconstrue the information? Why does the playwright include this misunderstanding?

4. What do the Count and Figaro learn about the song? Why does Bartholo have such an interest in this song?

5. How does the Count reveal he is feeling uncertain about the plan? About what is he uncertain? Does he make a good choice? Why or why not?

6. How does the Count feel about his position? Why does he feel this way? Will the Count succeed in what he wishes for?

7. What does Rosine say about the paper she is holding? What might be significant about this paper?

8. Why is the Count surprised to see Figaro? What is Figaro's response to the Count's questioning? What might be the significance of Figaro being a barber?

9. What does the Count know about Rosine? How does Figaro correct the Count about his knowledge of this woman? How does knowledge help the play progress?

10. How does the notary respond to the Count's new plan? Why does he seem so complacent?

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