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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what does Rosine's letter refer?
(a) Bartholo's obsessive behavior.
(b) The Count's devotion.
(c) The Count's obsessive behavior.
(d) Bartholo's devotion.

2. How is the Count disguised?
(a) As a priest.
(b) As Figaro.
(c) As Bazile.
(d) As a soldier.

3. What interrupts Bartholo's complaining?
(a) The entrance of Figaro, to say hello.
(b) The entrance of the Count, to save Rosine.
(c) The entrance of Bazile, Rosine's music teacher.
(d) The entrance of Rosine.

4. Figaro sees her point, and suggests that Rosine do what?
(a) Send "Lindor" a note saying he needs to be calm and rational.
(b) Send "Lindor" a note saying he needs to be more thoughtful next time he visits outside her window.
(c) Send "Lindor" a note to be more kind to Bartholo.
(d) Send "Lindor" a note saying he is sorry for being so rude to Bartholo.

5. What does the Count instantly resolve to do?
(a) Get her psychological help.
(b) Beg her to divorce her husband.
(c) Leave and go home.
(d) Court her and marry her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Count tell Figaro to call him?

2. For what will Figaro use his knowledge of drugs?

3. What does the Count do while telling Bartholo to do his duty to the military and put him up for the night?

4. On what commedia type is Bazile based?

5. What does the Count do, regarding Rosine's song?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is the authority in Bartholo's home in this scene?

2. Why do the servants say that they did not stop Figaro from coming in? How will Bartholo treat Figaro from now on? Why?

3. What does Bartholo shout, as he storms into the room? Does Bartholo believe that Rosine dropped the song by accident, out of her window? How do you know this?

4. What strategy does Rosine use after she has switched the letters? How is her strategy even better than the Count's?

5. How does Rosine react to the news about the man's love? Why does she tell Figaro the man must remain calm? Do you believe he will be able to remain calm? Why or why not?

6. What is the only defect Figaro mentions this man having? How does Rosine react to this hint? Why does Figaro not tell her right away who this man loves?

7. Bartholo realizes "Alonzo" is not who he says he is, and "Alonzo" pretends to get upset, what does Rosine do? Do you believe this will happen?

8. Why does the Count grab his gun and set up a mock battle between himself and Bartholo? Is he successful in the maneuver? Why or why not? Is this exchange drawing in the audience? Why or why not?

9. Where is Bartholo headed? What might be the significance of Bazile?

10. Why is the Count worried that Rosine might not leave with them to be married?

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