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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Figaro say is the moment to reveal who the Count truly is?
(a) If she says she does not love him.
(b) If she protests that her love is still true.
(c) Never.
(d) As soon as she walks through the door.

2. What does Bartholo finally realize about "Alonzo?"
(a) He is not who he pretends to be.
(b) He is not a very good music teacher.
(c) He is in love with Rosine.
(d) He is better than Bazile.

3. Bartholo calls Figaro a knave. What is Figaro's response?
(a) Yes, he is a knave.
(b) No, my middle name is Dave, not knave.
(c) He is not a knave; he is a writer.
(d) What is a knave.

4. Why does Bartholo tell "Alonzo" to speak loudly?
(a) "Alonzo" speaks so quietly.
(b) There is a lot of noise in the house.
(c) He is deaf in one ear.
(d) Bartholo wants the entire house to hear him.

5. Why does the Count say that he has authority?
(a) He has the most money.
(b) He is the Count.
(c) He is the preferred lover of Rosine.
(d) He has the most power.

6. What does the Count reveal in an aside?
(a) He cannot decide whether it would be a better idea to keep the letter to himself, or follow through on the original plan and hand it over.
(b) He cannot decide if he should keep his disguise on or take it off.
(c) He is not sure if he trusts Bartholo.
(d) He is not sure if Rosine really loves him.

7. Why are Figaro and the Count trapped in Rosine's room?
(a) The door is locked.
(b) Someone has taken away the ladder they used to climb into the room.
(c) The entrances are all blocked.
(d) The window is boarded up.

8. In Bazile's opinion, when is a husband asking for trouble?
(a) When he loves her more than she loves him.
(b) Marrying too young.
(c) When he tries to control his wife.
(d) Marrying a woman who is not in love with her husband.

9. She is surprised. What does she still not know?
(a) Bartholo loves her.
(b) Figaro loves her.
(c) That the Count is coming to save her.
(d) The Count and "Lindor," her lover, are the same man.

10. Who does "Alonzo" say Bazile discovered was in town?
(a) Count Almaviva.
(b) Rosine.
(c) Figaro.
(d) The King of Spain.

11. What causes Bartholo to rush out of the room?
(a) A scream.
(b) Rosine shouts for him to leave.
(c) The Count chases after him.
(d) A noise of breaking china from offstage.

12. For what does Figaro say he has come?
(a) To give his servants a shave.
(b) To sing and play his guitar for Bartholo.
(c) To shave Bartholo as usual, nothing more.
(d) To save Rosine.

13. How does Bartholo know there is a plot afoot?
(a) Rosine is acting strange.
(b) The notary seems nervous.
(c) The Count is peering in the window.
(d) Figaro does not have a niece.

14. How can Bartholo not see the Count whisper to Rosine?
(a) Figaro has his hands over his eyes.
(b) Figaro is standing so Bartholo cannot see their conversation.
(c) The Count is blocking his view.
(d) His eyes are closed.

15. The Count knocks and comes in wearing what?
(a) A clown costume.
(b) Another disguise.
(c) His normal clothes.
(d) His "Lindor" costume.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Bartholo leave to get a basin?

2. Rosine comes in, refusing to take any more music lessons from anybody. Why does she quickly change her mind?

3. How does the notary explain the apparent mix-up?

4. Why does Figaro try to change the subject by asking when he is going to be able to do his job and shave Bartholo?

5. Who does Bartholo say has authority?

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