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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Bazile respond when Bartholo asks him why he accepted the cash?
(a) He loves money.
(b) He couldn not put it down.
(c) He needs the money.
(d) When confusion arises, money always settles it.

2. What does the Count protest?
(a) He wants to leave.
(b) He does not know her.
(c) He adores her.
(d) He hates her.

3. How does Rosine respond when Bartholo decides to stay and hear the whole lesson?
(a) She is sent into despair.
(b) She is excited.
(c) She is surprised.
(d) She is nervous.

4. How does Bartholo know there is a plot afoot?
(a) The notary seems nervous.
(b) Figaro does not have a niece.
(c) The Count is peering in the window.
(d) Rosine is acting strange.

5. What is everybody joining in convincing Bazile to do?
(a) Go back to bed.
(b) Go home.
(c) Stay for a drink.
(d) Teach Rosine.

6. In another aside, about what does the Count worry?
(a) He does not have any music to give to Rosine.
(b) He will not be able to pass as a voice teacher.
(c) If Rosine refuses to come out for the lesson.
(d) If Rosine will recognize him.

7. What does the Count finally win through a bag of coins?
(a) His freedom.
(b) Rosine's hand in marriage.
(c) The lottery.
(d) Bazile's support.

8. What does "Alonzo" say happened to the letter that Rosine had written to the Count?
(a) It had never existed.
(b) Bazile got his hands on the letter and given it to "Alonzo" to give to Bartholo.
(c) Bazile had found it and destroyed it.
(d) It had been destroyed.

9. What does Figaro do when he opens the window and sees the room is empty?
(a) He comes in and helps the Count to come in as well.
(b) He calls to see where everyone is.
(c) He leaves.
(d) He climbs in but leaves the Count outside the window.

10. Why is Rosine shocked and humiliated?
(a) "Lindor" no longer loves her.
(b) "Lindor" was in fact deceiving her, expressing love on someone else's behalf.
(c) Neither Bartholo or "Lindor" will marry her.
(d) Figaro is the man she has been in love with.

11. Who does "Alonzo" say Bazile discovered was in town?
(a) Count Almaviva.
(b) The King of Spain.
(c) Rosine.
(d) Figaro.

12. Why does Bartholo panic and run for a chair?
(a) Rosine lies and says she thinks she broke her ankle.
(b) There is an earthquake.
(c) Rosine is throwing things at him.
(d) "Alonzo" is fighting him.

13. For what does Bartholo apologize?
(a) Leaving them alone.
(b) Not leaving them alone.
(c) Sitting in on the lesson.
(d) Falling asleep.

14. Why does the Count tell Bartholo that he is here to teach Rosine singing?
(a) Bazile has moved.
(b) Bazile has quit.
(c) Bazile is ill.
(d) Bazile is not a good teacher.

15. When does Figaro say is the moment to reveal who the Count truly is?
(a) If she says she does not love him.
(b) If she protests that her love is still true.
(c) Never.
(d) As soon as she walks through the door.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why will Bazile and the notary not be there earlier?

2. Why does the Count insist that the marriage is an honorable one?

3. What does Figaro tell the Count to keep secret?

4. Why does Bartholo tell "Alonzo" to speak loudly?

5. How does Bartholo react to "Alonzo's" arrival?

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