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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Figaro try to change the subject by asking when he is going to be able to do his job and shave Bartholo?
(a) He wants to shave Bartholo and go home.
(b) He is nervous about having Bartholo in the room.
(c) Bazile is clearly confused about who "Alonzo" is.
(d) He feels the tension in the air.

2. Why does the Count tell Bartholo that he is here to teach Rosine singing?
(a) Bazile has moved.
(b) Bazile is ill.
(c) Bazile has quit.
(d) Bazile is not a good teacher.

3. What is "Alonzo's" second piece of news he passes on from Bazile?
(a) The wedding has been cancelled.
(b) The notary is not available for the wedding.
(c) The arrangements have all been made for the wedding tomorrow.
(d) Bazile is not interested in arranging the wedding.

4. Why does the Count quickly change the plan, and tells the notary that the marriage between himself and Rosine scheduled for later that day is to be performed now?
(a) He wants Rosine to be his.
(b) He cannot wait to marry Rosine.
(c) Bazile arrives with the notary.
(d) He does not want to lose Rosine to Bartholo.

5. When does Figaro say is the moment to reveal who the Count truly is?
(a) Never.
(b) As soon as she walks through the door.
(c) If she says she does not love him.
(d) If she protests that her love is still true.

6. For what does Bartholo apologize?
(a) Falling asleep.
(b) Not leaving them alone.
(c) Leaving them alone.
(d) Sitting in on the lesson.

7. What causes Bartholo to rush out of the room?
(a) A scream.
(b) The Count chases after him.
(c) A noise of breaking china from offstage.
(d) Rosine shouts for him to leave.

8. What does the notary do when Bartholo asks to see the contract?
(a) He tells Bartholo the wedding was illegal.
(b) He tells him everything is legal.
(c) He begins to cry.
(d) He runs away.

9. What happens every time the Count kisses Rosine's hand?
(a) Rosine stops singing and Bartholo wakes up.
(b) Rosine sings louder.
(c) Rosine giggles.
(d) He makes a funny noise.

10. With whom does Bartholo appear?
(a) Two police officers.
(b) Two large servants.
(c) Two mean dogs.
(d) His mother.

11. What does Rosine show the Count?
(a) A song she had written.
(b) The letter Bartholo gave her.
(c) A note from Figaro.
(d) A letter she had written him.

12. She is surprised. What does she still not know?
(a) That the Count is coming to save her.
(b) Bartholo loves her.
(c) The Count and "Lindor," her lover, are the same man.
(d) Figaro loves her.

13. What does Bartholo tell Rosine the Count had told him?
(a) The Count never loved her and is not coming.
(b) The Count loves her desperately and will be there around midnight.
(c) The Count showed the letter to another woman, and then told Bartholo the whole story in the hopes of getting Rosine away from the Count.
(d) The Count wrote her a love letter but Bartholo had destroyed it in a fit of rage.

14. Why does Bartholo leave to get a basin?
(a) He does not trust Figaro, and his servants are out of commission.
(b) Figaro may get lost looking for one.
(c) Figaro does not know where they are.
(d) He wants to wash his hands.

15. Why is there a lot of whispering back and forth between the characters?
(a) They are trying to figure out how to escape.
(b) They do not know what to do with Bazile.
(c) They all are trying to decide how to get rid of Bartholo.
(d) All trying for different reasons to convince Bazile to go along with the "Alonzo" story.

Short Answer Questions

1. With what does Bartholo gently confront Rosine?

2. In Bazile's opinion, when is a husband asking for trouble?

3. Why does Rosine speak very coldly and formally to the Count?

4. Who is Alonzo?

5. How can Bartholo not see the Count whisper to Rosine?

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